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Matt Colville Strongholds And Followers Pdf

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I really like this part of the book, there are rules on how to build and maintain a stronghold that come with their own demesne.

The Fifth Edition of Dungeons and Dragons represented a return to form in many ways over the Fourth, and the merits of that from a rules perspective can be debated. What is not debatable, though, is that the closed-off approach to third-party material which Wizards of the Coast used in response to the d20 debacle of the s went too far, and the return of the Open Gaming License for Fifth Edition is a good thing. Coming out of , the largest tabletop RPG Kickstarter in terms of money raised was one of these third-party products, a supplement called Strongholds and Followers. Strongholds and Followers is the brainchild of Matt Colville , a designer with over two decades of experience in both the tabletop and digital realms.

Matt Colville’s Strongholds and Followers

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Ash Mantle Adventurer. Could you tell us what is exactly included in the pdf, and what you like about it? For those who don't have it. Are there sections or bits of it which you don't like? Devilbass First Post. I also just downloaded it in the last couple of hours. Haven't read it in detail, but so far I like the content. Most mechanics seem to have both function and theme in mind - there's is plenty of crunch and plenty of flavour in this book. A new mechanic of note is the Extended Rest. Doing so will grant or enhance class benefits.

A Cleric, for example, gains access to an enhanced Channel Divinity after an extended rest called Manifest Divinity. This allows you to grant 3d8 of healing to allies within 30 ft when you use your Channel Divinity in addition to its normal benefits. This is a powerful ability no doubt, but it has limited uses starting with one between extended rests. Also, the book does address the fact that its mechanics will change the balance and power level in your game.

The easiest solution the book offers, is to grant your villains strongholds, with all the benefits they entail. There is a section dedicated to villain strongholds. Now, my only real beef, is that I don't enjoy the very casual writing style.

If I focus hard enough, I can hear Matt Colville speaking the words in his signature style, but I don't enjoy this style for the written word. It's relatively minor complaint for me, as I think the book will stand on the merits of the content regardless. And to be fair, there are probably people who will love that it reads the way Matt orates. More later. I just downloaded my copy and am looking it over. Way too much content for me to go over before bed and I have a long day of work tomorrow and my monthly 8-hour game on Saturday to prep for.

I am considering using this in my current campaign. I would be interested in any opinions on whether any of the mechanics are overpowered or otherwise problematic. I know it was pretty heavily play tested, but I would love to hear from people using or planning to use it in their game--or those who won't--and their reasons why. I do like his design philosophy that strongholds must cost a lot, but not take too long to build.

The cost in gold and time to build in days for each of the four strongholds are listed below. But even were we to pick a historical period as our baseline, there was no time in history that had bands of wizards and warlocks roaming the countryside pillaging dragon hordes and coming back to civilization with tens of thousands of gold pieces. Therefore any costs we derive must first be based in the economies of a fantasy RPG.

And that means they must cost a lot, but not take too long. If it takes 10 years to build your stronghold, no PC would ever do it. Keeps and towers, temples and establishments each have wildly different purposes with different costs and different times to build. Keeps are larger and more fortified for defensive purposes and therefore take longer to build: days. Temples and towers are less fortified but still usually made of stone and take days to complete at 1st level.

An establishment serves no defensive purpose, typically existing within a town or city with its own fortifications. But your establishment is still well-constructed with basements, multiple floors, and probably secret passages for you and your allies to escape out of…or in to!

They take 90 days to complete. The maps and artworks are gorgeous. Well designed graphically. I find the maps of the different stages of a stronghold to be very helpful. MNblockhead said:. Ash Mantle said:. The bestiary appendix has some cool monsters. Not a fan of gem dragons, but I like additional fey, aberrations, elementals, fiends, and celestials. I'm having trouble focusing on the crunch I'm enjoying reading the side stories.

The included adventure, which can be used to earn a party a stronghold, looks fun. Demetrios Hero. I like the warfare rules. The warefare rules are completely open content, so I could past them here, but I don't want to clutter the thread. I'm wondering if there is a PDF out there of just the warfare rules?

I can only find the earlier simplified rules he posted, which are not the same as those in the book. Demetrios said:. I had no idea there would be a bestiary. Leatherhead Possibly a Idiot.

I like the retainer rules. I'm a proponent of the idea that NPC's don't have to be built using PC rules, because it's tedious and a bit of a kludge to build or run them that way.

Though my first order of business is to give Prestidigitation and the like out like candy because those cantrips are the building blocks of magical power , and tweak all of the spell lists because there are some real wtf spell selections there.

Seriously, why doesn't the Enchanter have some kind of Charm spell before 7th level? And the Evoker doesn't know Fireball?! I had to double check that one, because wow, Fireball is the basically entire point of having an Evoker.

I'll have more to say once I've had more time with the book, but to give you a quick and incomplete synopsis There are 4 primary stronghold types, with some slight variations on a few Keep, Tower, Temple, and Establishment. Each corresponds to a type of character class; Keep for martial types, Tower for arcane types, Temple for devout types, and Establishment for skilled types.

Each one grants benefits to the founder in the form of enhanced class features that are usable a certain number of times until you spend an Extended Rest a week at your stronghold. These features are pretty cool and pretty effective, but not so effective as to break the game or anything.

They definitely make characters more powerful. The Stronghold also grants Demesne Effects; these seem to be mostly flavor style effects for the realm in which your Stronghold is found. Then there are Stronghold Actions. These are combat related abilities that can take effect on initiative count 20 when the character is in the same hex as the Stronghold. These vary in strength, but tend to be potent.

A couple seem very potent. Each Stronghold also attracts different types of followers. I need to read more to really get a better sense of it all. I like the general approach, though. Overall, the writing seems casual, which I like, and he explains a lot of the design in sidebars and footnotes.

The art is top notch and the overall production quality is high.

Official Owlbear — Strongholds and Followers Book (Hardcover + PDF)

Image Copyright by Matt Colville. Strongholds and Followers from the upstart MCDM productions has the honor of being one of the top Kickstarter projects of all time. Did it succeed? Muster your forces and man the castle walls as we go through everything you need to know. About half the content is spent outlining the mechanics of the titular strongholds and followers, with the remaining half dedicated to an adventure path and a surprisingly large bestiary. All told, it contains:.

MCDM Productions

Strongholds and Followers gives options for players to build fortresses and bases of operations for their party complete with class-specific annexes, a host of artisans, assistants, and military units to help maintain your stronghold and protect it from attack. Kingdoms and Warfare will go into rules about keeping political rule over your stronghold and environs, and how to assault your neighbours on a political and military front. Whatever rules come out the other side of this campaign will be tried, tested, and fun, and the book will also be building on a few other fan favourite elements. New creatures, including new courts and more units for the existent courts, groupings of unique creatures aligned with one another to serve a greater power. My personal favourite — the court of All Flesh — was aligned to chaos, impermanence, and change, and I look forward to seeing new members join them… but the campaign is rather cunningly teasing its newer horrors….

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Strongholds and Followers Review

Strongholds and Followers Book (Hardcover + PDF)

Hi Matt O. We would like to convert pdf into a word. Network [login to view URL] There are functions and components still left to build and I am looking for experienced reliable developers to join forces with and help finish the website.

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To follow along with Kingdoms & Warfare product development, check out our Kickstarter Updates. Strongholds & Followers is a supplement for 5th Edition that​.

Strongholds and Followers Book (Hardcover + PDF)

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Strongholds & Followers PDF

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Matt Colville’s Strongholds and Followers

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This time, I'll be looking at how to use this new material in a Freeport campaign.

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This is the digital (PDF) version of Strongholds & Followers!Strongholds & Followers is a supplement for 5th Edition that gives your character something to spend.

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Be sure to check the Rules Page for updated rules.