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Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Here you can find objective type Non Verbal Reasoning Analogy questions and answers for interview and entrance examination. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided. You can easily solve all kind of Non Verbal Reasoning questions based on Analogy by practicing the objective type exercises given below, also get shortcut methods to solve Non Verbal Reasoning Analogy problems. Each of the following questions consists of two sets of figures.

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The datasets generated for this study are available on request to the corresponding author. IT, a new online test of online research and comprehension was developed for the Italian population. A group of students attending various types of upper secondary schools in Northern Italy were tested with the new tool and underwent further cognitive and neuropsychological assessment. The different school types involved in the study are representative of the school population in the Italian system, but can also be easily compared with the educational systems of other countries.

The new test turned out to have good psychometric properties after accurate item construction and final selection. In particular, Version 1 showed better characteristics than Version 2. Subsequently, comparison with one-way ANOVAs were performed to test whether differences exist between different school types, between groups with and without reading difficulties, and between males and females.

Such differences are sometimes reported in the literature, but many remain controversial. Finally, a stepwise regression analysis was performed on aggregated scores to identify the predictors of performance on each of the two versions. The tool could highlight differences in online search and comprehension ability between students with and without reading difficulties, not penalizing overall performance but allowing very specific weaknesses to be pointed out.

Further, it seems to be able to capture differences due to both educational pathways different school types and social attitudes differences between males and females. Most interestingly, it shows to be clearly resting on specific cognitive and neuropsychological abilities, including language, memory, and attentional skills, which explain a large portion of the total variance.

Offline text reading comprehension is a crucial predictor of online reading performance, while decoding ability is not. Prior knowledge also influences the results, as expected. The new tool turns out to be rather independent of previous Internet experience and to measure more cognitively grounded processes related to information gathering, processing, and communicating.

In the last years, there has been an increasing interest in how young people use the Internet and other new technologies in their everyday lives and how this use may enhance informal and formal learning opportunities Becta, Indeed, previous research has shown that there is great variability in the ways they access and use Internet sources Facer and Furlong, ; Livingstone and Helsper, ; Hargittai and Hinnant, In light of this, there is a need to better understand the complex factors determining this heterogeneity and what this may mean for the educational system Selwyn, This constitutes one of the challenges for researchers, policy makers and teachers in order to use new technologies more effectively for formal education and develop more targeted initiatives that better support young people in their uses of the Internet and other information and communication technologies ICTs Leu et al.

Nowadays, there is a tendency to promote ICTs adoption in many fields, including schools. Leu et al. Moreover, effective use of online information requires additional online reading comprehension practices. Public policy, assessment, and education should be able to prepare students for such challenges. The arrival and spread of electronic resources and digital libraries have changed and extended the notion of literacy beyond its original application to the medium of writing. Understand takes into account the ability to decode or interpret media and it also involves knowledge of production processes and an ability to evaluate the specific media, for example, in terms of the accuracy or reliability of the web sources Buckingham, As shown above, reading online implies high levels of critical skills; indeed Fabos stressed the importance of promoting more critical analysis of online content.

Actually, online reading comprehension is a process which requires to analyze many different sources of online information, using several recursive reading practices Coiro, ; Henry, , following what is now known as the LESC model Leu et al. Specifically, online reading requires both new online and traditional offline reading comprehension skills Leu et al.

Reading and searching online information usually implies that a question has been formulated. Taboada and Guthrie identified differences, within traditional texts, between reading that was, or was not, initiated by a question.

Moreover, online reading is a multi-componential process and requires, for example, the generation of effective keyword search strategies Bilal, ; Kuiper et al. Successful online reading requires also to tell reliable information from fake news Sanchez et al. However, such practices present challenges that are quite different from those regarding traditional print and media sources, because the content of online information is more assorted and commercially biased than that of print sources Fabos, ; Leu et al.

Online Reading Comprehension also requires the ability to synthesize information from multiple sources Jenkins, and communicate and discuss it via the Internet Britt and Gabrys, ; Kiili et al. Online and offline reading skills are organized in complex ways Leu et al. During reading comprehension, prior knowledge plays an important role in building a logical representation of the text Kintsch, This may influence text interpretation Nickerson, or website evaluation van Strien et al.

Kiili et al. Moreover, to the authors, poorer offline readers seem to show more difficulties in online evaluation, suggesting that offline reading skills are necessary for a successful online critical evaluation.

However, other studies found a lack of a strong relationship between offline reading practices and online reading evaluation. Among the context-dependent and experiential factors that may influence online reading abilities, special attention has been devoted to familiarity with the topics. As mentioned above, prior knowledge of the topic plays an important role in the comprehension of the different types of texts Cromley et al.

However, Coiro found that even though prior topic knowledge played an important role in online research and comprehension performance of students with low online reading skills, it did not influence the performance of students with high online reading skills. Moreover, Kanniainen et al. Indeed, students may feel inadequate in assessing sites when they are unfamiliar with their topics. They largely fail to apply reliable criteria; rather, they emphasize e.

In their research, Eynon and Malmberg investigated five uses of the Internet: communicating, information seeking, entertainment, participating, and creating, among young people. They found four different Internet user profiles: the peripherals, the normatives, the all-rounders, and the active participants.

The first group was the least frequent users of the Internet, tending to do less of all Internet activities than the other groups and showing a lack of skills to use it. The normatives showed average uses of three types of Internet activity — communicating, entertaining, and information seeking — and were engaged less in more proactive uses of the Internet such as creating and sharing actively contents.

The all-rounders used the Internet for all five types of Internet use more frequently than the average. Active participants are those who use the Internet most frequently, for all five activities, and tend to engage in online participatory behaviors like contributing to a blog or wiki page more frequently.

In the Italian system there are three main types of secondary schools: Lyceum, Technical Schools, and Vocational Schools. These types of schools differ with respect to specific curricula, as well as to a more theory-oriented or more practice-oriented approach, and these differences may entail different habits with respect to information search how and where to look for information and processing how to handle it.

In their study on Internet inequality, Zhao et al. A higher ISE has been shown to be associated with better information search strategies, better learning skills, and better learning performance, while more controversial results have emerged on the relationship between ISE and actual Internet usage or navigational paths Tsai et al.

Zhao et al. According to the authors, one reason might be that in most high schools of China, the Internet-related resources, such as computers with access to the Internet, are inadequate. As to the Italian context, in spite of the strong pressure from the Ministry of Education to update and upgrade ICT resources in the schools e. Overall, it would thus be difficult to predict whether different school types differ with respect to the opportunities they offer to their students to reach a good mastery of online search and comprehension skills.

Indeed, more theory-oriented schools probably require frequent comparison of different sources but not necessarily through the Internet ; at the same time, more practically oriented schools may use digital tools also for technical purposes e. Following the previous literature, other factors may concur to reading comprehension, specifically, Snowling suggested that students with low verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills are more likely to have comprehension difficulties.

Non-verbal reasoning has been shown to have direct and indirect effects on reading comprehension Swart et al. Reading abilities are clearly good candidates to play a central role in online reading, as suggested by the relationships between offline and online reading skills.

However, very little is known about the behaviors of people with dyslexia in web usage. This is probably due to the general focus on the consequences that decoding difficulties have on school performance in younger readers, and on the belief that decoding ability only plays a major role in beginning reading acquisition, and is subsequently replaced by comprehension skills. Indeed, it is now evident that the distinction between decoding and comprehension is less clear-cut than previously thought e.

This may clearly apply to online reading too. Very little is known, though, about the behaviors of people with dyslexia in web usage. McCarthy and Swierenga , in their review, argued that dyslexic-friendly practices may help overcome difficulties faced by all Internet users. Each user completed two tasks on ten different websites.

The main issues experienced by dyslexic users were: confusing page layout, unclear navigation, poor color selection, difficulties in decoding graphics and complicated language.

Kurniawan and Conroy tested reading comprehension speed and accuracy during Internet gathering information of dyslexic and non-dyslexic students and they found that participants with dyslexia made increasingly frequent mistakes as reading material became more complex but allowing users to select their ideal color scheme increased reading speed for both groups. Pollak interviewed college students with dyslexia and he found that they underline the potential strengths of multimodal documents with respect to unimodal ones.

It is well established that many students with dyslexia also experience language or visual-spatial difficulties Giovagnoli et al. This means that complex text comprehension may be problematic, even when the coding difficulties have been largely overcome or compensated, and this may be true not only for written text, but also for complex oral explanations that accompany online videos, or graph interpretation. Such difficulties may be more evident in high school, when texts are more often supported by non-textual materials, and may be especially relevant for the multi-media and multi-modal information that is found in the Internet.

A final interesting issue in literacy research is gender-related differences. Several studies showed an advantage for girls in reading fluency and reading comprehension Logan and Johnston, , ; Torppa et al. McKenna et al. A similar finding is reported by Lupo et al. Meelissen and Drent propose that this may be due to female students showing less positive attitudes toward using computers as compared to male students. By contrast, no significant differences emerged between females and males in a Korean middle school sample Jang and Ryoo, in academic-related Internet activities.

The authors propose that this may result from the strong achievement-driven characteristics of Asian secondary schools. The ready availability of information on the Internet may decrease the need to store and recall data.

Sparrow et al. Moreover, Dong and Potenza showed in their study that even if Internet-based searching may have facilitated the information-acquisition process, this process may have been performed more rapidly and be more likely associated with difficulties in recollection. In addition, people appeared less confident in recalling information learned through Internet searching.

Online searching seems to have changed our attentional abilities. In their study, Ophir et al. It was suggested that the compromised ability in heavy media multi-tasking people was due to their increased proneness to distraction from irrelevant environmental inputs. However, literature on multi-media and Internet usage have produced conflicting findings Firth et al. Nevertheless, on the whole, the literature seems to agree on the fact that those who engage in frequent and extensive media multi-tasking in their daily lives perform worse in various cognitive tasks than those who do not, particularly for sustained attention Uncapher and Wagner, Moreover, a longitudinal study of media multi-tasking in young people has found that frequent multi-tasking behaviors predict the development of attentional deficits specifically in early adolescents but not in older ones Baumgartner et al.

The present study is outlined using an online research and comprehension framework Leu et al. This was a performance-based assessment within a more restricted and limited simulation of the Internet. In this format, students were guided through a research task by a student avatar that contacted them through a social network, and another student avatar that contacted them through instant messaging, all within the ORCA space. Topics were: Energy drinks and heart health, Videogames and effects on eyes, Use of decorative lenses and effects on eyes, Safe volume levels for Ipods.

Students used fully functional tools a social network, text chat , email, wikis, a search engine, and a notepad to conduct their research.

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Question 1. We use inheritance or composition to extend the behavior of an object but this is done at compile time and its applicable to all the instances of the class. But also, we have some additional requests. What's a cool thing I have never seen before with the decorator design pattern? Has defined behavior prior to being decorated. There are 11 behavioral design patterns defined in the GoF design patterns.

Non-Verbal, Analytical & Critical) for Competitive Exams 2nd EditionThe Pacific Edition MCQ - General Studies Previous Paper (Samanya Adhyayan) Based Modern Approach to Vernbal & Non Verbal ReasoningMultiple Choice Geography Objective Indian Polity by Laxmikant, General Studies Manual, Indian.

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Metrics details. Assessment of 'potential intellectual ability' of children with severe intellectual disability ID is limited, as current tests designed for normal children do not maintain their interest. Thus a manual puzzle version of the Raven's Coloured Progressive Matrices RCPM was devised to appeal to the attentional and sensory preferences and language limitations of children with ID. It was hypothesized that performance on the book and manual puzzle forms would not differ for typically developing children but that children with ID would perform better on the puzzle form.

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