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Rough Atanassov's Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets Model over Two Universes and Its Applications

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Thiele Published By replacing this equivalence relation by an arbitrary binary relation satisfying certain properties, for instance, reflexivity and transitivity we shall obtain generalized crisp!! Our ideas in the paper are: 1.

Putting Rough Sets and Fuzzy Sets Together

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Make Submissions Propose a Special Issue. Download PDF. In this paper, a color image segmentation algorithm is proposed by extracting both texture and color features and applying them to the one -against-all multi class support vector machine MSVM classifier for segmentation. The fuzzy set based membership functions capably handle the problem of overlapping clusters. The lower and upper approximation concepts of rough sets deal well with uncertainty, vagueness, and incompleteness in data. Parameterization is not a prerequisite in defining soft set theory.

Li, F. L-valued Fuzzy Rough Sets. Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems , 16 1 , Fei Li; Yueli Yue. Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems , 16, 1, , Iranian Journal of Fuzzy Systems , ; 16 1 :

The theory of the fuzzy rough set was proposed by Dubois and Prade to deal with data inconsistencies [35], [36]. They introduced.

Fuzzy rough sets with a fuzzy ideal

Intelligent Decision Support pp Cite as. In this paper we argue that fuzzy sets and rough sets aim to different purposes and that it is more natural to try to combine the two models of uncertainty vagueness for fuzzy sets and coarseness for rough sets in order to get a more accurate account of imperfect information. First, the upper and lower approximations of a fuzzy set are defined, when the universe of discourse of a fuzzy sets is coarsened by means of an equivalence relation.

1. Introduction

Metrics details. Fuzzy ideal approximation connectedness and the fuzzy ideal approximation continuity between fuzzy ideal approximation spaces are introduced. The notion of rough sets was given by Pawlak [ 1 ] referring to uncertainty of intelligent systems characterized by insufficient and incomplete information. Basically, rough sets are defined depending on some equivalence relation R on a universal finite set X. The pair X , R was called an approximation space based on an equivalence relation imposed on X.

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