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If the extra delivery details meet the requirements as in item 3, then it might be easy enough to copy and send on letterhead. The following describes how to select and prepare an auction venue.

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29 Open House Ideas That Will Actually Get You Leads

If the extra delivery details meet the requirements as in item 3, then it might be easy enough to copy and send on letterhead. The following describes how to select and prepare an auction venue. The aim of these instructions is to maximise professional sales presentation and auction results.

Both the Seller and the company want maximum benefits from an auction. Experience has. Lack of attention to detail can have a big impact at an auction, both on the sale and on company reputation. It is very important to get everything right. This Auction procedure starts when the Auctioneer starts the auction.

It ends when the property is sold or passed in. An auction is a fast moving process, but a lot is at stake. A number of different types of people may be. The Auctioneer must observe the people present. Mistakes or incorrect behaviour at an. Both the Vendor and the company want maximum benefits from an auction.

At least 36 hours before the auction, the Sales Consultant conducts the pre-auction meeting with the Vendor and the Auctioneer.

This meeting has the following agenda:. This procedure covers the necessary steps for sending anniversary cards to past purchasers. It is essential that this task is carried out on time. Think about the last time you had a negative buying experience. Negative buying experiences are almost always linked to shoddy customer service. This procedure covers the identification of sales that are expected to settle in the next week and the instructions for producing Gift Boxes.

Print this letter off on behalf of the agent and once the letter is printed you attach the 2 movie tickets. This procedure contains the instructions for generating and transmitting the Weekly Email New Letter.

Newsletters are emailed weekly to all prospective vendors, current vendors and prospective buyer contacts with preferred Email method of contact, and valid email addresses.

This is done on a Thursday so that clients who use their work email address are receiving this on the Friday, prior to the open homes for the weekend. This procedure contains the instructions for sending the vendor and purchasers a photo album of their home.

For every sale there is a purchaser. The purpose of the call is to establish how they found our services. This has now been replaced with a phone call.

However, there may still be questionnaires returned for some time yet. You will still need to process these questionnaires as they are returned, in the following manner. In this procedure, Customer Service survey all current sellers, and buyers.

This procedure starts when the property is sold. It ends when Customer Service provides the survey data to staff for updating company strategy. This procedure applies to all sellers, and all buyers. Market research provides valuable information for company strategy. It is essential in maintaining a Quality standard to survey our clients and measure our results.

Existing customers have special value for the company, since the company needs no introduction to them. If the company is aware of their needs, it is in a good position to help them and create new business. I will contact you shortly, however please feel free to contact me at any time should you require anything further. It is necessary to advise the agent managing a listed property of an inspection at that property to give the listing agent feedback on a buyer inspection conducted by a salesperson who is not the listing agent of a particular property.

The result of this is that the listing agent is always the person who gives the buyer feedback to a vendor and therefore is fully informed of the history of the property listing. You must carry it out carefully, so that:. Documents include: OFI list from website , feedback card, advertising material inc magazines and brochures. Refer Open day Checklist for this document. This policy is prepared to ensure that an agent who is working with a buyer and has referred that buyer to an open for inspection is rewarded with the sale commission provided correct procedures have been followed.

Referrals made from sales people for an open for inspection must be via the email between agents. Names and contact number of the buyer must be included in your email. Should this person arrive at the open they may or may not say that the particular agent sent them Buyers, as you know, do not know our system.

If they have identified the referring agent to the agent holding the open, a reply to the original email must be sent simply saying that they came.

Should no reply be forthcoming the referring agent should follow up the buyer to ascertain if they did go to the open or reappoint for another time.

If the buyer did go to the open but failed to identify the referring agent as the source of their attendance, provided the referral was made prior to the day of open, the referring agent is still due the buyer commission. The only way to earn a commission on open day from a buyer if you are not the agent holding the open is to take the buyer personally to the property. This occurrence may take place during the open time.

This procedure contains suggestions that should be communicated to the Vendor for presenting the property in the best possible way. The following are tips for presenting a property for inspection or on auction day, applying to all open houses, inspections and auctions. Prospective buyer inspections occur when a Sales Consultant takes a prospective buyer through a listed property.

This procedure starts when the Sales Consultant makes an appointment with the buyer for the inspection. It ends when the Sales Consultant records the results of the inspection. Prospective buyer inspections are a central part of selling a property.

Sales Consultants must make the. Be careful to maintain the privacy of the Seller or Existing Tenant. As a company, the vendor has entrusted us with their most valued possession it is important that we respect their privacy as well as their property. To provide guidelines to the sales staff with relation to sales advertising pre approved spending authorities.

In difficult negotiations advertising is at times used as leverage to obtain the listing. For the company to maintain financial control of what is given away. The mediums that this applies to are:. The amount is to be used as a negotiation tool when faced with a competitive situation and need leverage to win the listing for the company.

All sales people must advise all staff of any new listing by filling in the email template and sending to all staff. In this procedure, the sales team records a change to the details of a sales listing. This procedure starts when the Vendor and Managing Agent agree on a change. It ends when the Sales Administrator has recorded the change correctly. If there is a change to a sales listing, it is very important to record and communicate the change properly.

If the new details are not available immediately, staff may perform actions and incur expenses that are no longer authorised. This can cause performance and financial loss. The company needs to be able to give a fair and consistent response when this issue comes up. If it. In this procedure, the Sales Consultant negotiates an extension of the agency agreement with the Seller.

This procedure starts at the end of the agency agreement if the property has not sold. It ends when the Seller sings a new agency agreement. A property may not have sold by the end of the agency agreement. If the Seller is still motivated, this may just take a little more time. The Sales Consultant may negotiate with the Seller to extend the agency agreement. If the Seller agrees to extend the agreement, the Sales Consultant must review all aspects of the marketing plan and also the price of the property.

In this procedure, the sales staff help the Seller decide whether to go to auction. The procedure starts when the Sales Administrator compiles auction statistics and information.

It ends when the Sales consultant and the Seller last review the auction marketing plan. Auctions are a popular way to sell property, but are not suitable for all sales. It is important that the Seller understands fully the advantages and costs of auctions and private treaty sales, and be able to make an informed decision.

It is important to explain everything and not to push the Seller into an auction against their will. A Seller who is coerced will not bring business to the company by recommending it to others. This section describes the material that the Sales Consultant gives to a prospective client at the end of a meeting. After a meeting with a Sales Consultant, a client will reflect and make decisions about further dealings with the company. The Sales Consultant leaves material with the client:.

Can be very costly to the business e. This procedure details the actions for the Sales Consultant to obtain the agreement of the Prospective Seller to list the property. This procedure starts when the Sales Consultant has finished the sales presentation and ends when the Prospective Seller agrees to the sales listing or declines.

This procedure provides the best script for closing on a sales listing. It allows the Prospective Seller to ask for more information, raise objections and decide on the sales listing without pressure.

The Best & Worst Real Estate Logos of 2021 [+ pro Design Tips]

Despite the pandemic, the housing market is on the mend. In August, the sale of existing homes rose 2. Inventory is low and the competition is intense. So if you've been considering listing your property, now might be the time to take advantage. Buyers and home inspectors will notice these maintenance issues during a walk-through, whether virtually or in-person.

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To help protect the power the NAR brand, please read and follow our guidelines once you've selected the logo you want to use. The area of isolation—an amount of space equal to half the width of the block "R"—must be maintained around all sides of the logo. This space keeps the logo separate from other objects, such as typography, illustration, photography, borders, geometric shapes, or the edge of the printed piece. If you want to use another color, ensure:.

We have just released a new extension called Comparables that will allow you to display the Statement of Information data on your listings or as a simple PDF download. This is especially important for websites in Victoria as there have been legislative changes that effect all listings for sale from May 1, The new extension allows you to display the comparable listings in a widget or it will hook in under the map on your listings. You may be aware, new Victorian legislation around underquoting will come into play on May 1, This means that all Victorian residential properties where the seller signs the Sales Authority will now require comparable sales information to be displayed on those listings.

The real estate market is all about making connections — meeting people and being there for your current clients to answer questions, give advice and show them options. Our real estate business cards are an easy way to not only make a great impression, but to stay connected with potential buyers, sellers and renters. Plus, you can create your card with our easy-to-use online system.


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Feel free to scroll down and read through the entire article, or jump to sections using the table of contents below. To create impactful marketing collateral, you no longer need an arsenal of tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, VSCO Cam, and a myriad of stock photo sites. All you need is this one simple yet elaborate tool — Canva. The best part about Canva? Whichever route you choose to go, Canva will hook you up with the appropriate file sizes for your project.

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WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE LISTING, PLEASE INCLUDE: • Your Business Name Set of 3 Logos, Real Estate Branding Kit, Real Estate Agency Logo, Branding Premade Real Estate Company Logo Real Estate Logo Open House Signs, email you different file formats .jpeg,.pdf, • You may request.​psd.

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