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Modulation is the process by which information is encoded from a message source in order to optimize it for transmission.

Frequency Modulation

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Modulation is a term that is going to be used very frequently in this book. So much in fact, that we could almost have renamed this book "Principles of Modulation", without having to delete too many chapters. So, the logical question arises: What exactly is modulation? Modulation is a process of mixing a signal with a sinusoid to produce a new signal. This new signal, conceivably, will have certain benefits over an un-modulated signal. Mixing of low frequency signal with high frequency carrier signal is called modulation.

Modulation Classification Based on Extensible Neural Networks

As we are living in an era of communication wherein we can easily transfer any form of information video, audio, and other data in the form of electrical signals to any other device or destined area. Although it is common in our perceptual experience that sending or receiving signals or data is simple, but it involves quite complex procedures, possibilities, and involved scenarios within the communication systems. So, in the scope of communication systems, modulation plays hold crucial responsibility in the communication system to encode information digitally in the analog world. It is very important to modulate the signals before sending them to the receiver section for larger distance transfer, accurate data transfer, and low-noise data reception. To be clear, let us dive into the detailed concept of knowing what is modulation, different types in it, and what are the types of modulation techniques used in communication systems. Modulation is a process of changing the characteristics of the wave to be transmitted by superimposing the message signal on the high-frequency signal. In this process video, voice and other data signals modify high-frequency signals — also known as the carrier wave.

In electronics and telecommunications , modulation is the process of varying one or more properties of a periodic waveform , called the carrier signal , with a separate signal called the modulation signal that typically contains information to be transmitted. For example, the modulation signal might be an audio signal representing sound from a microphone , a video signal representing moving images from a video camera , or a digital signal representing a sequence of binary digits, a bitstream from a computer. The carrier is higher in frequency than the modulation signal. The purpose of modulation is to impress the information on the carrier wave, which is used to carry the information to another location. In radio communication the modulated carrier is transmitted through space as a radio wave to a radio receiver.

A signal can be anything like a sound wave which comes out when you shout. This shout can be heard only up to a certain distance. A message carrying signal has to get transmitted over a distance and for it to establish a reliable communication, it needs to take the help of a high frequency signal which should not affect the original characteristics of the message signal. The characteristics of the message signal, if changed, the message contained in it also alters. Hence it is a must to take care of the message signal. A high frequency signal can travel up to a longer distance, without getting affected by external disturbances.

As we have seen in previous three chapters, different types of media need different types of electromagnetic signals to carry information from the source to the destination. Modulation has the effect of moving the baseband signal spectrum to be centered frequencies around the frequency of the carrier.

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A deep learning architecture based on Extensible Neural Networks is proposed for modulation classification in multipath fading channel. The model is set up using hidden layers. Modulation classification based on ENN is implemented through the amplitude, phase, and frequency hidden network, respectively. In order to improve Probability of Correct classification PCC , one or more communication signal features are extracted using hidden networks. Through theoretical proof, ENN learning network is demonstrated to be effective in improving PCC using amplitude, phase, and the frequency weight subnetwork, respectively.

Modulation is the process of converting data into electrical signals optimized for transmission.

Communication Systems/What is Modulation?

The term carrier is applied to the voltage whose characteristic is varied and the term modulating voltage signal is used for the voltage in accordance with which the variation is made. The modulation is the process of up shifting the message frequency to a range more useful for transmission. The carrier signal is a sine wave at the carrier frequency. Below equation shows that the sine wave has three characteristics that can be altered.

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in terms of its power efficiency and bandwidth efficiency. ❑ The power efficiency is the ability of a modulation technique to preserve the fidelity (acceptable BER).

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Modulation Methods

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