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To that end, using data from the USA, India, UK, Germany, and Singapore up to mid-April , we provide predictive analytics tools for forecasting and planning during a pandemic. We forecast COVID growth rates with statistical, epidemiological, machine- and deep-learning models, and a new hybrid forecasting method based on nearest neighbors and clustering. We further model and forecast the excess demand for products and services during the pandemic using auxiliary data google trends and simulating governmental decisions lockdown.

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Who Seeks A Financial Planner? A Review of Literature

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Fatemeh Kimiyaghalam. Meysam Safari. Shaheen Mansori. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Warschauer in This paper reviews and summarizes the his paper suggests a more comprehensive studies about financial help-seeking definition of financial planning. It points behavior. The findings suggest that factors out that a successful financial planner, in like demographic profile, socio-economic addition to technical skills must features, and psychosocial characteristics communicate well with clients to help are most likely to influence financial help- them to accomplish their financial goals; seeking behavior.

The direction of socio-economic and legal future studies is presented with a environments and leads to the particular highlighting on the outcome of adoption of strategies and use of existing research. Indeed, they first introduce their especially for mental health problems financial products and then try to match Collins et. Other areas that have a significant clients and then looking for a product that and growing body of research regarding will suit their requirements Brimble and help-seeking behavior include such Murphy, Certified Financial decisions related to depression, Planner Board of Standards defines alcoholism, gambling addiction, weight financial planning process in six steps; disorders, drug addiction, AIDS, cancer, 1.

Hicks, ; Hingson, Mangione, Meyers 2. Burnhams et al. Analyzing data and identifying financial ; Doshi et al. However, progress in these areas 4. Developing and preparing a plan has been handicapped by a lack of recommendations. Implementing a plan. Monitoring and reviewing the plan in universal measurement scale that line with economic and lifestyle changes.

Clients expect Some of these researchs are about comprehensive financial advice in the Adolescent help-seeking behavior since areas of investment, retirement, insurance, this phase of life plays a crucial role in tax and real estate planning. Financial developing the skills and attributes planners depend on the type of their necessary for an individual to become a licensed; they have permission to directly productive adult. Nevertheless, studies of buy and sell investment products.

Recently, the complexity of help seeking from a professional financial financial markets has increased the planner regarding their technical attention given to studies of financial help- knowledge and other skills. The current Help-seeking behavior is an action to development of financial institutions and seek and receive assistance from a instruments has grown the responsibility secondary source Grable and Joo, Instead, they 2.

Most Maddux, As a result, recognizing researchers use Theory of Planned the profile of individuals who are looking Behavior for predicting the behavior of for help from professionals in comparison individuals Armitage and Conner, ; with those who are asking help from other Ajzen, Identifying the factors that determine The Theory of Planned Behavior TPB personal finance help-seeking behavior is a was developed by Azjen in and has keen interest to financial counselors as been identified as one of the well-studies they endeavor to develop new business and theories for social behaviors Perkins et al.

Figure 1. Also, help- behavior. Theory of planned behavior seeking behaviors are interpersonal and shows that to make a decision about interact with more than one person. Rickwood et al. There are treatment, and general support for solving many studies in the field of psychology their facing problems or stressful and mental health which apply the theory experience. Suchman indicates that of planned behavior to investigate the patients first assess their symptoms.

Third, providing the treatment Hartong, ; Miller, ; Rickwood is decided; and fourth, a particular and and Thomas, However, the lack of appropriate type of treatment are taken.

His health care of planned behavior needs more attention. Help - Seeking Behavior applied as the foundation for a personal Financial help-seeking behavior is defined finance help-seeking framework Grable as the process of asking help from other and Joo, The process of the adapted people to cope with the problems in the framework is quite straightforward.

The area of personal finance. Help-seeking process contains the following five steps: behavior first was suggested by Katona Step 1 - the exhibition of personal , who theorized the potential financial behavior s benefits of recognizing individual and Step 2 - the evaluation of the financial group similarities and differences within behavior s economic situations via both traditional Step 3 - the identification of financial economic and psychographic assessment behavior al causes tools.

Most people are sometimes facing Step 4 - a decision to seek help with problems or difficult events that need Step 5 - a choice between help provider more resources to help than they alone can alternatives. Indeed, information or advice about a personal researchers point out that while individuals finance question, problem, or issue?

However, They used financial planners, financial different individuals take different counselors, insurance agents, and stock counselors and advisors that can be family brokers as a source of professional help members, friends, neighbors, or providers and friends, relatives, and work professional financial advisors.

However, defining this limited individuals for each type of counselor calls source of aid consider as a limitation for great attention. Reviewing existing studies this study since the respondents who used show that still there is no universal another source of help were excluded from definition for help-seeking behavior but the survey.

Letkiewicz et al. Measurement of Financial Help- duration. Process — specific part of the behavioral debt counselor, etc. Please select as many as 2. Source — source of assistance formal, apply. Problem — type of mental health studied in their research and their focus is problem just conducting a survey on the use of 4. Timeframe — temporal constraints. The sample is not nationally financial help-seeking behavior, literature representative, and this is certainly a reviews show that most researchers focus limitation of the dataset.

Gillen and Kim on source element. However, households intend to ask help from paid some researchers like Kramer financial professionals and to certain forms measure financial help-seeking source but of media.

They study Survey DHS and a random sample of influential factors of financial problems retail investors from a large Dutch bank. They conduct their survey with help-seeking behavior like the reason of a sample of young male Australian seeking help were ignored.

Chang workers. They employ subscale of the tries to reduce the limitation of previous Financial Counselling Attitude Scale studies by asking an open-ended question. They use 4-point Likert scale. This study television, radio, an online service or just limits to young male Australian advertisements?

Do you get advice from a workers so generalizing the results to friend, relative, lawyer, accountant, different gender groups should be with banker, broker or financial planner? They find that there was no Alternatively, do you do something else?

He uses data counseling attitudes. The majority of researchers focus on the source sample for the survey was selected from a of financial help-seeking behavior and just multistage area probability design that is a few of them consider the process of this intended to represent the population on behavior. It is clear that for comprehensive broad demographic characteristics. Beyond the process generalized to all the low-income families. For other factors like education are positively generalizing the results, it needs a national associated with asking help from financial survey.

Chang also analyze the 4. His analysis reveals this study identifies influential factors that using the help of paid financial which are mainly demographic factors, professionals has a positive relationship financial stress, financial knowledge, with education and liquid asset level but financial self-efficacy, confidence, the reverse relationship with income.

Demographic Factors elder people in the USA. She uses health Income: According to the developed and retirement survey data HRS for conceptual framework of personal finance She applies variables measuring help-seeking behaviors by Joo and Grable health status, cognitive ability, and social income is positively associated interaction due to building a proxy for with financial planner usage.

Individual elderly vulnerability. Her results show that especially low-income families while they elder population because of decreasing face financial issues they like to hide it cognitive abilities are more likely to use a from family and friends and would rather financial planner.

Before this study, approach professional help. These results are different many researchers are interested in studying from more recent studies that found the the effect of gender on financial help- lower income groups were less likely to seeking behavior Joo and Grable, Marital status: Also help-seeking for Financial stressful events involve with investment and saving matters are more personal, family, and financial situation among single female head households stressors.

Grable and Joo ask rather than for married couples Chang respondents about the number of financial Cummings and James stressful events they may experience analyze the influential factors on decision during the past year. They provide the list making either get or drop financial of 24 financial stressor items and asked advisors. In their study individuals while respondents to mark on them if they their marital status change to a widow er experienced during the previous year.

The they are getting financial advisors to help results show that individuals who report their financial matters, so the probability high levels of financial stressors like a of dropping financial advisors are low death in the family, loss of job are more amongst these groups.

Chang finds that financial result for couples in stressful financial help-seeking behavior is higher for Black events. Using combined. Letkiewicz, marital status, age, and ethnicity can be Robinson, Domian, and Uborceva important factors for individuals in seeking use three questions to measure financial help in financial problems. Moreover, they stress.

Financial Stress inter-related components. The family is forced to pay an enormous amount of more likely to feel stressed about financial money for the unexpected incident. Help- issues when the situation goes badly, or seeking behavior is also influenced by the result is uncertain.

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Essentially, companies work together by either sharing information, making joint decisions, or sharing benefits to reach potential synergies. This work aims at reviewing these works through a systematic literature review process to investigate the different collaborative models from an operational perspective. For each category, we have identified the type of research, supply chain structures, forecasting models, demand characteristics, replenishment policies and assumptions employed in the considered articles. This article identifies the main results achieved and the gaps and opportunities to be developed as further research. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Data Availability: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files.

Forecasting In Operation Management Pdf

Analyzing the past trend and predicting the future movement is an important aspect for every business. Knowing the future value makes an organization more efficient in planning specially if it is related to financial factors. This can be achieved by analyzing the historical data of the company. This is called time series analysis.

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For the better part of a decade, strategy has been a business buzzword. Top executives ponder strategic objectives and missions.

A Study on Financial Planning and Forecasting with Special Reference to HDFC Bank at Thanjavur

These factors are compelling pharmaceutical industry players to leverage the use of demand forecasting solutions. Determining multiple courses of action and. Operations manager job description. It includes a core presentation on supply chain management and new initiatives such as e-commerce, collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment CPFR , data. The first part of this chapter reviews forecasting techniques. Manual adjustments must be authorized before the.

Lost Password? About review of literature financial planning and forecasting pdf is Not Asked Yet? Below is stripped version of available tagged cloud pages from web pages

A Study on Financial Planning and Forecasting with Special Reference to HDFC Bank at Thanjavur


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needed. Targeting programs to reach the right groups. Public outreach / education system. Monitoring systems. Sound financial planning & financial forecasting.