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Volume 5, Issue 5, May 2016

Submitted by P. Index S. Our graduates will be able to be associated with industry, academics or other related. Our graduates will be in a position to pursue a continual path of professional development, interspersed with advanced education and continuing enhancement programmes, relevant to their specific career goals.

They will be able to channelize their knowledge base, business links and social contacts into socially beneficial activities. Program Objective PO 1. Graduates will be in a position to apply their knowledge acquired in Mathematics, Basic Sciences, Electrical and Electronics Engineering courses, to the solution of complex problems encountered in modern engineering practice.

Demonstration of skills to use modern engineering tools to analyze complex problems. Demonstration of ethical considerations, concern for society and environment and service to the community. Graduates will be able to critically evaluate alternate assumptions, approaches, procedures, tradeoffs, and results related to engineering problems. Graduates will show an understanding of the impact of engineering solutions on societal problems.

A broad education and knowledge of contemporary issues to execute projects relating to business and commerce. Graduates will be able to assume various roles beginning from participation onto leadership, as a part of a team performing a laboratory exercise or design project.

Graduates will be able to design and develop solutions integrating their technical prowess and interpersonal skills, on a dynamic mode, considering paradigm shifts occurring over time. Course Objectives: CO 1. Proficiency in basic analysis of electrical networks using network theorems. To impart basic knowledge of computer based analysis of electrical networks 4. To study the concept of coupled circuits and one port networks.

Review of three phase systems. Course Outcome CO : Upon completion of the course, the students will be able: 1. Analyze electric networks in a simpler manner using theorems.

To understand and analyze electric circuits under transient conditions. Gain knowledge about network topology and to be conversant with computer based analysis of electrical networks. Gain knowledge about coupled circuits and one port networks. To be familiar with balanced and unbalanced loads in three phase systems. Amal Jyothi College of Engg. Topic No. Mahatma Gandhi University B.

To provide sound knowledge in the analysis of electrical networks 2. To impart basic knowledge of computer based analysis of electrical networks Module 1 14hrs Application of Kirchoffs laws and network theorems to DC and AC circuits. Mesh analysis and Nodal analysis with dependent and independent sources. Driving point and Transfer impedance and admittance.

Natural , forced and complete response analysis with and without initial conditions. Module 3 12hrs Introduction to network topology and graph theory. Fundamental cut-set and cut-set schedule Ttie-set and tie-set schedule. Representation of passive elements, independent and dependent sources. C and AC analysis of simple circuits.

Solution of ordinary differential equation. Module 4 12hrs Coupled circuits. Analysis of single tuned and double tuned circuits. Steady state solution of circuits with coupled elements. Symmetrical components- Analysis of unbalanced systems using symmetrical components. Neutral shift and Neutral current. Sequence impedances. Power in terms of symmetrical components. Text Books 1. Ganesh Rao, R. Gopal G Bhise, Engg. Network analysis and filter design, Umesh publishers 4. Bansal, A. Goel, M. Muhammad H.

Thomas Lecture No. Reciprocity theorem Reciprocity theoremContd. Formulation of incidence matrix F Tie set matrix F b i Formulation of network equations -. Transient analysis, Soln. Application of Laplace tranforms to circuit applications Circuit Applications Tutorial Magnetic Coupling Hurwitz polynomials Synthesis problems Positive real functions Three phase systems. Background - Laplace tranforms F Application of Laplace tranforms to circuit theory Application of Laplace tranforms to circuit theoryContd.

G Review questions and class discussion. Using the Internet to find the recent information related to the course. Lecture No: 15 Objective: Thevenins's theorem-Contd. Key points: Circuit simplification Explanations: -. Objective: Nortons' theorem Key points: Circuit simplification Explanations: -. Objective: Compensation theorem Key points: Change in variables Explanations: -. Objective: Compensation theorem-Contd.

Key points: Emphasis on concept Explanations: -. Objective: Reciprocity theorem-Contd. Objective: Millman's theorem Key points: Voltages in tandem Explanations: -. Objective: Tellegen's theorem Key points: Power equivalence Explanations: -. Objective: Tellegen's theorem-Contd.

Key points: Power equivalence Explanations: -. Objective: Formulation of incidence matrix Key points: Establishing connectivity Explanations: -. Objective: Tie-set matrix Formulation of network equations Key points: Incidence matrix Explanations: -.

Objective: Formulation of cut-set matrix Key points: Incidence matrix Explanations: -. Objective: Transient analysis, Soln. Objective: Application of Laplace transforms to circuit theory Key points:- Laplace transforms Explanations: -. Objective: Application of Laplace transforms to circuit theory-Contd.

Key points:- Laplace transforms Explanations: -. Objective: Application of Laplace transforms to circuit applications -Contd. Objective: Application of Laplace transforms to circuit applications Tutorial Key points:- Laplace transforms Explanations: -. Objective: Symmetrical components - numerals Key points:- Circuit applications, Symmetrical components Explanations: -. For a given f t , define F s. Explain dot convention for 2 coupled coils.

For a given oriented graph, define a tree. Give a suitable diagram. What is meant by a pole in the context of a function in the s-domain? Part-B 5 Marks 6. For the given oriented graph, Figure-1 , draw all the possible trees. In general, for a given tree, how many trees can be configured?

Draw the network representation of a capacitor. Start from first principles and use the appropriate Laplace theorem. Check whether. Part-C 10 Marks 9. Derive the equivalent inductance L eq when looking into terminals AB. Figure-2 Assume that there is no initial charge on the capacitor and no initial current through the inductor. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search.

BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (Electrical Engineering

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Vol. 13 No. 3 (2020)

Submitted by P. Index S. Our graduates will be able to be associated with industry, academics or other related.

Scalar and vector fields gradient-physical meaning- directional derivative-divergence an curl - physical meaning-scalar potential conservative field- identities - simple problems. Line integral - work done by a force along a path-surface and volume integral-application of Greens theorem, Stokes theorem and Gauss divergence theorem. Finite difference operators and - interpolation using Newtons forward and backward formula problems using Stirlings formula, Lagranges formula and Newtons divided difference formula.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EE) .EE 010 304: Electrical Measurements and Measuring...

G College, Kaladera, India. College, Sikar, India.

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S3-EEE ECT Course File-16 Dec 2014

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BACHELOR OF TECHNOLOGY (Electrical Engineering


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