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Design And Analysis Of Single Plate Clutch Pdf

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Design and Analysis of Clutch Plate for Automatic Single Plate Clutch

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Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. Sarath Reigns. Myo Htet. Sathesh Kumar. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Phase 1 dynamic analysis of single plate clutch using different friction materials ppt 1. Clutch system comprise of flywheel, clutch disc plate and friction material, pressure plate, clutch cover, diaphragm spring and the linkage necessary to operate the clutch.

However, the slipping mechanism of the clutch generates heat energy due to friction between the clutch disc and the flywheel. When two friction surfaces are brought in contact with each other and pressed they are united due to the friction between them.

The two surfaces can be separated and brought into contact when required. The driving member is kept rotating, when the driven member is brought in contact with the driving member it also rotates. When the driven member is separated from the driving member it does not rotate.

This is the principle on which the clutch operates. In the present work a friction clutch assembly was designed. It consist of three parts viz. The material assignment is as follows: clutch plate- structural steel, pressure plate- cast iron GS and diaphragm spring- spring steel.

The plots for Equivalent von-Mises stress, total deformation and factor of safety were calculated and analyzed. The finite element analysis showed that the designed friction clutch assembly is safe. Pawar, Monarch K. Warambhe and Gautam R. The analysis is done for worn out friction disc. Torque transmission capacity of sintered-iron friction material is to N which is more than Kevlar. Total deformation in Kevlar material is less than sintered-iron friction material.

Sintered-iron material can sustain higher temperature. By applying the maximum force i. Baskar In this project, a 3D model of multi- plate clutch and its assembly has been done using Pro-E software packages. Ultimately, from this analysis it can be concluded that, on the strength basis, SA92 is more suitable and quite better friction material than copper and cork for same rated torque. Praveen, rakesh jalla In this paper, to investigate how a crack propagates and grows in a clutch.

The finite element program ANSYS is used to simulate crack growth and to compute the stresses and the stress- intensity factor. By observing the analysis results, the stress values are more for composite materials and when the crack is started the composite materials, stress values increases more than the condition of no crack so the composite materials fails faster once the crack propagates.

So we can conclude that if the crack propagates in the composite materials, they tend to fail faster than aluminum alloys thereby reducing their life.

So care should be taken for composite materials not to get the crack. It was found that the method used in this work was able to give a convenient and cost effective measurement of friction coefficients and their transitions of a clutch facing material. In this project, a rational approach based on Taguchi technique and Pin-on-disk test is used in order to study the friction coefficient behavior of clutch facings as function of material formulation.

Clutch facings investigated in this study are of non asbestos organic type. Experiments were designed according to the orthogonal array L8 where the chosen factors are temperature and sliding speed. An experimental investigation have been undertaken in order to understand the variation of density with respect to the variation of process parameters such as compaction load, sinter temperature and sintering time.

The results obtained have been analyzed through the response surface model. Selecka, A. Salak and H. Danninger In this project, they concluded that Boron is evaluated as the best sintering enhancing element in terms of identifying the iron-based materials by formation the liquid phase.

The influence of boron addition up to 0. Micro-structural analysis showed an interaction of boron with matrix alloying elements. The formation of borides caused the increase of micro-hardness and hardness values of matrix. The higher density and micro-hardness expressed in higher strength of materials. The material systems based on iron, Ni-, Mo- and Cr- pre-alloyed powders with boron addition up to 0.

A positive effect of boron liquid phase sintering on the properties of Ni-, Mo- and Cr-alloyed material systems was demonstrated. Some of these materials are homogenous alloys with the trade-name Astaloy, but most of them are partially pre-alloyed non- segregable powder mixes with the trade- name Distaloy. Mixed with appropriate amounts of graphite, Astaloy- and Distaloy-materials, yield high strength properties, show good dimensional stability during sintering, and respond very well to subsequent heat- treatment.

Bezzazi, A. Khamlichi During the clutch engagement, sliding contact occurs between the pair of clutch facings mounted on the friction disk and the counter faces belonging to the flywheel and the pressure plate. The transmitted torque is proportional to the overall coefficient of friction which depends essentially on temperature, normal pressure load and relative sliding velocity. In this work, performance of the friction coefficient is investigated experimentally.

Samples of a commercial clutch facings material have been tested using a Pin-on-disk apparatus. When the previous three parameters are preset constant, this machine provides automatic acquisition of friction coefficient and wear measurements. The obtained results are compared with the classical SAE Ja standard test. As temperature goes up the coefficient of friction goes down, and the total clutch capacity decreases.

Heat reduces friction, which increases slippage, which increases heat the cycle becomes self-limiting when the torque capacity of the clutch drops to zero. The heat created by a Kevlar disc slipping against flywheel and will burn the flywheel. Being based on sponge iron powder, this material has high green-strength.

Mixed with appropriate amounts of graphite it yields high strength after sintering and responds well to subsequent heat-treatment. Being based on atomized iron powder, it has high compressibility.

Being based on sponge iron powder, it has high green- strength. Mixed with appropriate amounts of graphite it yields high strength after sintering and responds very well to subsequent heat-treatment.

Warambhe, Gautam R. Salak, H. Geitner and Heinz P. Chaikittiratana, S. Koetniyom, S. Khamlichi, M. Jabbouri, P. Reis and J. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.


Show all documents Finite Element Analysis of Single Plate Clutch by using Ansys Although the first use of a dry single - plate clutch was by Duryea in , it was not until that a design was developed that would not burn out in a few hundred miles, thanks to Englishman Herbert Frood, who perfected more durable friction materials. In the simplest application, clutches connect and disconnect two rotating shafts drive shafts or line shafts. In these devices, one shaft is typically attached to an engine or other power unit the driving member while the other shaft the driven member provides output power for work. While typically the motions involved are rotary while linear clutches are also possible. Some of the consideration for designing clutch assembly is Suitable Friction Material for friction liner, Sufficient torque transmitting capacity, Engagement with minimum Shock and jerking, Weight of rotating parts should be low to decrease the inertial forces to increase the sensitivity of application of forces, Suitable provision for changing the friction lining and thermal distribution due to frictional heat should be uniform and the rate of increase of temperature should be less.

Abstract The purpose of a clutch is to initiate motion or increase the velocity of a body generally by transferring kinetic energy from another moving body. The mass being accelerated is generally a rotating inertial body. The present paper deals with designing a friction clutch assembly using Solid Works Office Premium software. The assembly comprises of the clutch plate, the pressure plate and a diaphragm spring. The plots for equivalent stress, total deformation and factor of safety were obtained and the design was continuously optimized till a safe design was obtained.

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DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF AN AUTOMOTIVE SINGLE PLATE CLUTCH. Sunny Narayan Structural analysis of the clutch was performed by using the finite element mod_resource/content/1/, accessed [11] NPTEL​.

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The engine power transmitted to the system through the clutch. The failure of such a critical component during service can stall the whole application. The Finite Element Analysis providing a means for non-destructive analysis, which is used to analyse the clutch plate. The results from the FEA are accurate and hence being used worldwide for design and research engineers. The driven main plate failed normally during its operation due to cyclic loading.

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Top PDF Finite Element Analysis of Single Plate Clutch by using Ansys

Vishal J. Nagnath U. Babasaheb Ambedkar college of Engg. And Research, Nagpur Abstract vehicle and thus avoids putting undue strain on the remaining parts of the power transmission In design of the friction clutches of automobiles, knowledge on the thermo-elasticity a priori is very informative in the initial design stage.

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Figure1. Friction Clutch in Automobile. III OPERATING OF SINGLE PLATE CLUTCH. A single plate clutch consists of a clutch plate whose both sides are.

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Design and Analysis of Single Plate Clutch

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PDF | This paper presents the stresses and deformations of the assembly of the automotive single plate clutch depending on the applied.

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Design and analysis of single plate clutch by mathematical modelling and simulation. Kedar Kishor Patil, Vinit Randive, Sahil Mulla, Rajkumar.