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Candidates must be able to maximize time, understand questions, and give logical answers to all questions.

Getting the scores you need on each section can be challenging. Remember the purpose of the IELTS is to test your ability to communicate effectively, not necessarily your general knowledge of English. Skip to content.

5 Top Tips for Scoring High on the IELTS Reading Section

Getting the scores you need on each section can be challenging. Remember the purpose of the IELTS is to test your ability to communicate effectively, not necessarily your general knowledge of English. Skip to content. Request a Re-mark Courier Request. Helpful Hints. Remember to follow the suggested timing in each section of the test to maximize points.

For instance, there are more points possible on Task 2 than on Task 1. Use the example given at the start of the Listening section to become more familiar with the speakers, situation, and sounds. Review the example answer if one is provided in the Reading section.

This can help you develop a correct answer for the actual Reading section questions. Make sure to organize your thoughts and ideas before writing them out on the Written section. Take a moment and make a rough outline of what you want to write as this will help you express your ideas and opinions.

Allow plenty of time to review your essay question and check your work. Make sure to address the examiner directly by making eye contact as you speak. Try to explain at least one point of what you were asked. As you are listing to a recording, only focus on the questions that relate to the part that is currently being played.

You are often given short periods of time in between recording sections. Use this time to start to prepare answers to the questions. The Listening section questions tend to follow the order of the information presented in the recordings. Make sure to check your grammar and spelling anytime you transfer answers to the Answer Sheet.

Always read the instructions of each IELTS section to verify you are answering the questions correctly. For instance, in some Reading tasks, you may be required to answer in your own words, while others will want you to use words from the text in your answer. Some instructions require you to meet a minimum word usage requirement. Make sure to attain the minimum amount, but try to avoid using filler and unnecessary words.

The Writing section will have a specific topic you must follow. Use practice exams to help prepare , as you will not know what the topic is until your actual IELTS exam. Related Posts. Understanding English: Homographs November 27, Please note, result collection is now Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thank you.

IELTS Reading Tips: How can I improve my score

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6. IELTS Support Tools. For free sample tests visit.​sampletests. Tips for your. Listening test. 1. At the beginning of each section read the.

Success to IELTS tips and Techniques- Download pdf | Dr Roma

But there are things you can do to get better at reading. Download: This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere. Click here to get a copy. There are several questions for each section and you get 60 minutes to read the texts and answer all the questions.

Hi, I'm Liz. Email Address. Hello liz, first, I would like to say thank you for your very useful advices. I am wondering is that ok to do another test in next week before getting my result? When you take more than one test, you decide which certificate to use for your future.

20 Best IELTS Preparation Books in 2021 | Get PDF Free

The average score for the listening section of the test? So, how do you differentiate yourself when applying for your dream college or workplace? The IELTS listening test has many challenges that one might face and you might be likely to face one of these problems as well. But the good part about learning a challenge is that we can start preparing for it with a solution in the meantime of the exam. The accent can be any of the three types — British, Canadian or Australian.

Each question will contain key words that will help you to locate where the answer is. Or, the key words could be in the answer options depending on the type of question. A key word tells you about the main idea.

6 Tips to Nail your IELTS Test

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tricks to do well on the IELTS exam. THE. STARTER GUIDE. IELTS. The IELTS Coach. Knowledge Quiz. Task Checklist. Tips & Tricks. Study Skills. Study Plan.

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You would have practiced a great deal to prepare for your test.

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Underline possible answers as you go. time in order to get a general idea of what it's about. Don't worry about words you do not understand. Then read each question again to remind yourself which parts of the passage you will need to read again in detail.

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It's taken from the official British Council IELTS website. Beneath the text are my notes for each question. I've also created PDF's of both the text and the questions​.