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This book examines the interaction between ocean waves and oscillating systems. With a focus on linear analysis of low-amplitude waves, the text is designed to convey a thorough understanding of wave interactions.

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Mathematical Description of Oscillations 2. Interaction Between Oscillations and Waves 3. Gravity Waves on Water 4. Wave-Energy Absorption by Oscillating Bodies 6. Wave Interaction with Oscillating Water Columns 7. This book is intended to provide a thorough consideration of the interaction between waves and oscillating systems immersed bodies and oscillating water columns under conditions where amplitudes are sufciently small that linear theory is applicable.

Roberto Frias , , Porto, Portugal. This new approach to harvest mechanical energy can produce high power outputs capable of supplying equipment and sensors deployed in remote offshore locations and of supporting offshore activities whilst being able to be used in conjunction with traditional energy harvesting technologies. This review describes the fundamentals of TENGs and the existing energy harvesting modes, with focus on those more suitable for marine applications. Moreover, the equipment and offshore activities whose energy needs can be satisfied by TENGs are described and implementation schemes presented. We conclude that TENGs have high potential for numerous maritime applications, ranging from the demand of electronics used for metocean monitoring, signalling and surveillance, to activities such as offshore aquaculture or oil and gas exploration. The advantages of such systems as an alternative to currently existing solutions are also discussed, along with insights concerning applications that can take advantage of their high efficiency harvesting low amplitude and low frequency wave energy.

Johannes Falnes, Adi Kurniawan. Ocean waves and oscillating systems : Linear interactions including wave-energy extraction. N2 - Understand the interaction between ocean waves and oscillating systems with this useful new edition. With a focus on linear analysis of low-amplitude waves, you are provided with a thorough understanding of wave interactions, presented to be easily accessible to non-specialist readers. Topics covered include the background mathematics of oscillations, gravity waves on water, the dynamics of wave-body interactions, and the absorption of wave energy by oscillating bodies and oscillating water columns.

Wave Interaction with Oscillating Bodies and Water Columns

Aitor J. Oscillating Water Column OWC -based power take-off systems are one of the potential solutions to the current energy problems arising from the use of nuclear fission and the consumption of fossil fuels. This kind of energy converter turns wave energy into electric power by means of three different stages: firstly wave energy is transformed into pneumatic energy in the OWC chamber, and then a turbine turns it into mechanical energy and finally the turbogenerator module attached to the turbine creates electric power from the rotational mechanical energy. To date, capture chambers have been the least studied part. In this context, this paper presents an analytical model describing the dynamic behavior of the capture chamber, encompassing the wave motion and its interaction with the OWC structure and turbogenerator module. The model is tested for the case of the Mutriku wave power plant by means of experimental results. For this purpose, representative case studies are selected from wave and pressure drop input-output data.

Wave power is the capture of energy of wind waves to do useful work — for example, electricity generation , water desalination , or pumping water. A machine that exploits wave power is a wave energy converter WEC. Wave power is distinct from tidal power , which captures the energy of the current caused by the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon. Waves and tides are also distinct from ocean currents which are caused by other forces including breaking waves , wind , the Coriolis effect , cabbeling , and differences in temperature and salinity. Wave-power generation is not a widely employed commercial technology compared to other established renewable energy sources such as wind power , hydropower and solar power. However, there have been attempts to use this source of energy since at least [1] mainly due to its high power density.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Falnes Published Physics. Introduction 2. Mathematical description of oscillations 3. Interaction between oscillations and waves 4.

Request PDF | Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction | 1. Introduction 2. Mathematical.

Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems: Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction

Falnes, , J. January ; 56 1 : B3. ISBN

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Hydraulic cylinders play a vital role in the energy output PTO system of an oscillating float-type wave energy converter, whose function is to convert the mechanical energy captured by the float from the waves into hydraulic energy.

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Oceanography and Marine Science - Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems. Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction PDF; Export citation.

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Core - Thermal-Fluids Engineering - Ocean Waves and Oscillating Systems. Linear Interactions Including Wave-Energy Extraction PDF; Export citation.