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Enzymatic hydrolysis at high solids loading has the potential to reduce both capital and operational expenditures. The role of critical factors, that is, inhibitors, enzyme—lignin binding, and viscosity, was investigated during the course of hydrolysis in the batch and fed-batch approaches. This study suggests a sustainable approach for improved hydrolysis at high solids loadings by fine-tuning a simple process.

The production of fungal metabolites and conidia at an industrial scale requires an adequate yield at relatively low cost. To this end, many factors are examined and the design of the bioreactor to be used for the selected product takes a predominant place in the analysis. One approach to addressing the issue is to integrate the scaling-up procedure according to the biological characteristics of the microorganism considered, i.

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As higher interest was on the lignocellulose-based or second generation bioethanol production, the research was then more focused on the production of cellulase, especially on the domestic enzyme. Trichoderma sp. This study was conducted to investigate the performance of Trichoderma sp. Three types of substrate variations and three types of Trichoderma sp.

The substrate used were wheat bran, rice bran and oil palm empty fruit bunches EFBs , whereas Trichoderma sp. Production of cellulase was made by solid fermentation for 7 days. The results showed that the type of substrate affected the performance of Trichoderma sp. All types of fungus produced cellulase on wheat bran substrate with activity of 0. With the rice bran substrate and EFBs , only T could produce cellulase and the enzyme activity analyzed were 0.

Optimation of the buffer addition on enzyme extraction process produces the highest activity 0. Keywords: cellulase , EFBs, rice bran , Trichoderma sp. Adney, B. Measurement of Cellulase Activities. Amir, I. Irshad, M. Optimization of cellulase enzyme production from corn cobs using Alternaria alternata by solid state fermentation.

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Abstract As higher interest was on the lignocellulose-based or second generation bioethanol production, the research was then more focused on the production of cellulase, especially on the domestic enzyme.


Multivariable parameter optimization for the endoglucanase production by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 from Ocimum gratissimum seed. The aim of this study was to evaluate the interaction effects of the physico-chemical parameters on the endoglucanase CMCase production by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 on a cellulosic agro-residue by the solid-state fermentation SSF and to determine their optimum values by the EVOP factorial design technique. Cellulases have attracted much interest because of the diversity of their application. Since the cost of production is the major constraint in the cellulase production, much attention is drawn on the availability of low cost carbon source and on effective fermentation system. Fungal cellulases are produced in large amounts, which include all the components of multi enzyme system acting in a synergism for the complete hydrolysis of the cellulose. Trichoderma reesei Rut C30 is known to be one of the best cellulolytic fungal strain, which makes it an ideal test organism for the cellulase production. The organism produces CMCase in major level than the other two enzymes, exo- b -glucanase and b -glucosidase Chahal et al.

A description is given of the solid-state fermentation of wheat bran by Trichoderma reesei QM at constant temperature and relative humidity. A C balance was set up between CO 2 production, based on CPR measurements, CO 2 production as expected on the basis of substrate composition changes and substrate elemental composition in combination with dry-matter weight loss. Glucosamine was used as the measure of biomass. The results indicate that the glucosamine content of fungi in liquid culture cannot be used to estimate the biomass content in solid-state fermentations. Using glucosamine, correlations between fungal growth and respiration kinetics could only partly be described with the linear-growth model of Pirt. The activities of xylanase and protease are linearly related to the glucosamine level.

Improved Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Pilot Scale Pretreated Rice Straw at High Total Solids Loading

T was achieved by UV light in a laminar air flow and UV crosslinker to increase cellulase activity. Thirty-four mutants were tested for their growth capacity in mineral agar with several carbon sources: Whatman filter paper no. Three mutants UV The highest cellulase activities were 0. Keywords : Trichoderma sp.

Box , 00 Lund, Sweden. On-site cellulase enzyme fermentation in a softwood-to-ethanol process, based on S -catalysed steam pretreatment followed by simultaneous saccharification and fermentation, was investigated from a techno-economic aspect using Aspen Plus and Aspen Icarus Process Evaluator softwares. The effect of varying the carbon source of enzyme fermentation, at constant protein and mycelium yields, was monitored through the whole process. The lowest minimum ethanol selling prices 4. In some scenarios, on-site enzyme fermentation was found to be a feasible alternative.

The production of cellulase and xylanase was investigated with a newly isolated strain of Trichoderma viride BT The medium composition was optimized on a shake-flask scale using the Graeco-Latin square technique. The temperature and time for optimal growth and production of the enzymes in shake cultures were optimized using a central composite design.

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