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Every community produce" both liyuid and solid wastes and air emissions. For these reasons, the immediate and nuisance-free removal of wastewater from its sources of generation, followed by treatment, reuse, or dispersal into the environment is neces-sary to protect public health and the environment. Wastewater engineering is that bmnch of environmental engineering in which the basic principles of science and engineering are applied to solving the issues associated with the treatment and reuse of wastewater. The ultimate goal of wastewater engineering is the protection of publi.


Views 20 Downloads 2 File size MB. NY All rights rescrved. Printed in the United States of America. Previous editions Q Some ancillaries. Ryuji roTsuchihashi is a membt:r of tllt: Water Environment Federation. American Society of Civil Engineer. Franklin Burton served as vice pre. Ielivored-Slrf ige Pmee. IS Proce. I' of Adsorbellf. Dissolvc 0. Determ ine the saturation concen trat ion of oxygen. C "'" 2.

The percent of oxygen in air frOIl1 Appendix B is about Dctcmline the satomtion concentration of oxygen. From Table 2- 7, at 20oe, the unitlcss form of Henry's constant is H" "" Using Eq , the value of C, is C. It should be noleJ that the values for the Henry's law constant given in Table will vary depending on Ihe source lind the method used to derive them.

I01 li near. Oxygen Dissolved oxygen DO is requ ired for lite respiration uf aerobic microorgan isms as well as nil other aerobic life fonus. The interrel;ltionship of these variahles is delineated in Chap. Because the rate of biochemical reactions that usc Ol increases with increasing temperature. The problem is compounded in summer months becau often a panel of subjects arc exposed to odors that havc been dilutcd with cxlor-free air, and the number of dilutions required to reduce an odor to its minimum Detectability.

Table Factors that must be considered for the complete characterization of an odor Factor Desuiption Choroeter Relates to the mental a! Determination con be quite subjective. Typical odo.. The number of dilutions required to reduce on odor to its minimum detectable threshold odor concentrotion MDTOCj. The rotative ploosantness or unpleasantness of the odor!

Intensity The preceived re lative slrength of the odor above the detection thre! Persistence The rote at which the odor intensify chonges with concentration. To date, dctectubility is the o nl y factor thai has been used in thc developmen t of stmutory regulations for nuisance odors. The upplica tion of Drr values to assess odor im pacts is considered in Sec. The threshold ooor of a water or wustcwater sample is determ ined by d il uti ng the sample with odor-free water.

Dependi ng o n the natu re of the odorous constituents, the diluted sample can be heated to enhance the releuse of di luted odorous constituellls. T he "threshold ooor number" TON corresponds to the greatest dilution of the sample wi th odur frcc wilier :II which un odor is j ust perceptible. T he recom mended sample s ize is mL. Deta ils for this procedure may be found in Standard Methods I'crsistcncc, Persiste nce corres po nds to thc rale at which u perceived odor intensi ty decreases as the odor is dil uted.

Typicall y odor intensity is dcfi ned as I :: ke! When Eq. The application of Eq. Sensory Measurement of Odors. It has been shown tha t. The a va ilcn developed to measure odors at their source without usi ng sampling containers. A field olfactometer is a hand-held device in w hich odorous air ca n be passed sequentially thl"Oug h a series of grad uated orifices and mixed diluted with air that has been purified by passing through aCli va ted carbon. The orifices lIre ty pically sized to pl"Ovide o rr values of2, 4,7,15,30, and so on.

The dilulion r'Jtios arc dete rmined by the ratio of the size of Ihe odorous to purified ai r inlets. T'Wo common ly used fi eld olfaClometers, the Scento lllcte Barnebey-Chcney, and the Nasa. Croix Sensory. When removod from the bac::kground odor concentroHan, the subject's olfoctory system will recover quickly.

Ultimately, be unable to detect lhe presence of on odor 10 which his syslem hos adopted. Subjoctivity When the slibjed has knowledge of the presence of on odor, random error con be introduced in sensory measurements. SynOl'"9ism When more Ihon one odoront is present in 0 somple, il has been observed thol it is fXIssible for a wbje fl 5.

Or aromatic hydroc;crbons. Tlf of the reasons for the observed dill"ercnccs arc IS follows: I many organic substances which arc diffic ul t to oxidize biOlogically, such as lignin. From nn opcmlional standpoint, one of the m li n advantages of the COD tcst is that it can be completed in about 2.

As new methods of biologicallreatment hi! The principal fmctions are particulate lind soluble COD. In biOlogical treatment studies, the particulate and soluble fruc tions arc fmetionated further to assess wastewater treatability see discussion in Chap. Unfortunately, as noted previously. Where filt rmion is the technique used to fractionate the sample, the rc:lutive di stribution betwcen soluble and particu lute COD will vary greatly depending on the pore sizc of thc filh:r.

An al ternative method used to de termine the soluble COD involves precipitation o f th e suspended solids and u portion of the colloidal material. The test methods for TOe utiliLl heat and oxygen, ultraviolet mdiation, chemical oxidants. If the ratio is below about 0. In using these ratios it is imponant to remember Table Comparison of ratios of various parameters used to characterize wastewater Type of walt.

TOC 1. The theoretical basis for these ratios is explored in Example 2- IOld base Determine the COD of the compound using Eq. Determine the BOD of the compound. Determine the TOe of the compound. BOD :: 0. I b; Young, et al. Respirometers are devices hal are used to measure the rate of respira tion of living microorganisms in aerobic, moxie, and anaerobic environments.

Modem headspace-gas respirometers work by maintaining a constant oxygen pressure over a sample containing microorganisms Ihat are in the process of metabolizing an organic substra te by replacing the oxygen as it is consumed by the microorgani sms. Oxygen replacement is accompli shed by means of an electrolysis cell.

Molds or Wtrue fungi " produce microscopic unlh hyphae , which coIloctiveIy form a filomeolous mo!. S coiled the mycelium. Yeosb are fungi that cannot fo. Fungi hove the ability to grow under low-moisture, low nitrogen conditions and oon ioIeroto on environment with a relotivety low pH. Tho ability of the fungi to survive under low pH end nitrofJen-limiting conditions, coupled with their ability to degrodo cellulose, makes them very important in the compo5ling of sludge.

Protozoa oro motile, microscopic eukoryoles that are usually single cells. The majority of protozoa oro aerobic heterotrophs, some are oerololeront anaerobes ond a lew are anaerobic. Prolozoo oro generally on order of magnitvde larger thcm baclctio ond often consume bacteria as on energy source. In effect, the protozoa oct as polishers of the effIucnb from biologitol woste Irootment processes by consuming bacteria and particulolo of90nk moitcf".

Helminths Rotifers Helminth is a gooernlterm used to describe worms collectively. The name is derived from the fact that they hove two sels of rotating cilia an their hood whicn are used for motility and capturing food. Their presence in an effiuent indicotes a highly efficient aerobic biologital purification procss. Algae Algae ore unil;ellular or multicellular, outolrophk, photosynthetic eukoryoies or prokoryotos. They ore of importonce in biologicaltreotmenl processes.

Tho blue-green algae cyonobocterio is a prokaryotic organism. Viruses are infectious ogeob thaI only multiply within a host cell, where they redired the cell's biochemical system to reproduce themselves.

Viru:;es con olw exist in on extracollular slolo in which the virus particle known as a virani is meiobolicalty inert. Boderiaphoges oro viruses that infecbacteria as the host; they hove not been implicated in humon infections. In the spread plate me!

Metcalf Eddy, Inc. Wastewater Engineering ? · Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. Wastewater Engineering...

Characterization of sulfate-reducing bacteria in y Microcalorimetry was used to monitor the anaerobic digestion processes and to measure the growth rates of sulfate - reduc in g bacteria. Experiments on the cultivation of SRB from yeast in dustry wastewater treatment plant in batch cultureshowed that dur in g the first 20 h the concentration of sulfate decreased from Perceptible amount of sulfide 7. First steps of sulfate metabolism activation of sulfate by ATP sulfurylase, production of H 2 are accompanied by endothermic heat effects, therefore the values of thermal power rema in moderate until the evolution of sulfidestarts.

Metcalf Eddy, Inc. Wastewater Engineering ? · Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. Wastewater Engineering...

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Characterization of sulfate-reducing bacteria in y... - ResearchGate

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Metcalf Eddy, Inc. Wastewater Engineering ? · Metcalf & Eddy, Inc. Wastewater Engineering...

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