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Fundamentals Of Investing In Oil And Gas Pdf

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While that is one way to invest in oil and gas, there are certainly other ways to become an oil and gas investor that you may not even know exist. Read further to do just that by learning the basics of investing in oil and gas, the advantages and disadvantages, and how to take the next step if you want to become an oil and gas investor.

How the Oil and Gas Industry Works

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Allow analytics tracking. Analytics help us understand how the site is used, and which pages are the most popular. Read the Privacy Policy to learn how this information is used. CFA Institute presents a series of articles detailing a framework for analysis of investment fundamentals of industries.

This calls for optimising the allocation of limited resources to generate sustainable cash flows, for investing in new products, technologies, and services in responding to the wider competitive landscape or societal changes and mega trends, as well as for devising appropriate responses in the face of an evolving macroeconomic, regulatory, and political environment. Different industries often require very different business models; and even within the same industry, the model that does add value to the business may vary somewhat from company to company.

To help investors undertake proper due diligence on a company, we have generated a framework of analysis designed to tease out the following: 1 whether the pertinent factors favour the firm in question; and 2 whether management is effective in executing its business model or value-generating strategies, while responding appropriately to its external environment.

This framework is customised to specific sectors and incorporates interviews with professionals within those sectors. The rise of smartphone usage and low-cost, high-speed mobile bandwidth has led to enormous growth of mobile games. The business is fast-paced, requiring agility and short build cycles, but also allows the passive collection of large amounts of data.

Although the trend towards cashless payments is global, the pace, format and depth of coverage differ among jurisdictions. Service providers no longer need to rely on credit card vendors or retail banks, but must face issues of privacy and security. Traditional retail shares many similarities with the food and-beverages industry — location is crucial because it drives traffic flow and therefore revenue.

Other factors include operational efficiency, but it should never be achieved by compromising the shopping experience. The industry has been significantly affected by technological advancement, including e-commerce and door-to-door delivery. The shipbuilding and offshore marine industry specializes in the manufacture and maintenance of oceangoing vessels, which includes everything from cargo ships, tankers, and oil rigs to passenger liners. In recent years, however, the industry has faced significant headwinds, with overcapacity at the shipyards in mainland China, escalating trade wars, and oil-price weakness combining to ensure that this sector is at the center of a perfect storm.

The luxury business model is distinct. The rationale for it is that higher prices keep the middle class the target customer group chasing the dream of luxury.

Massive communications to non-target groups create product admiration and a sense of social and economic superiority among actual consumers. Maintaining full control over the value chain, as well as distribution channels, is a necessity rather than a choice. The health care sector can be divided into drug producers, manufacturers of medical equipment and supplies, and health care providers. Food production is a multidimensional stakeholder sector, where criss-crossing relationships drive innovation.

Producers work with processors, who liaise with distributors and retailers. Meanwhile, regulators are keeping a watchful eye, health-food trends come and go, and e-delivery changes consumers' habits. The growing awareness of climate change and environmental issues creates investment opportunities. The construction industry is being revolutionized by technological advancement. This shift, termed "Industry 4. Companies are realizing they can enhance product and service delivery through data-based services.

Insurance is a curious sector. In years gone by, it was regarded as something of a cash cow, with the likes of Warren Buffett treating the float as a source of money to be invested elsewhere.

Insurance companies were also seen as sclerotic, with time-consuming processes that often placed the customer last. The sector is evolving rapidly, as advances in technology respond to distribution demands from e-commerce firms.

Furthermore, disruptive forces are in play as new entrants create services that we suddenly cannot live without. Citius, altius, fortius—faster, higher, stronger—may be the Olympic motto, but it also reflects a basic human desire to improve on what we have already achieved. This is precisely the case with education, where parents—be they millionaires or daily wage earners—instinctively want their children to transcend the achievements of previous generations. This desire is particularly evident in emerging markets.

From cooking oil to biofuel, to the oleochemicals used in food additives, soaps, cosmetics, lubricants, and textiles, palm oil and its refined derivatives touch our lives in many ways. However, the casino itself may also not be on a winning streak. Despite the deep-pile-carpet glamour and general hype about how profitable the casino business model potentially can be, gaming is actually a highly regulated and heavily taxed industry.

After all, society expects to be compensated for absorbing the social costs that gambling engenders. As such, few public voices lobby against gaming levies. Whatever our reasons, we remain seduced and frustrated by the airline industry. In a letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett observed that: The worst sort of business is one that grows rapidly, requires significant capital to engender the growth, then earns little or no money—think airlines.

Here a durable competitive advantage has proven elusive ever since the days of the Wright Brothers. Indeed, if a farsighted capitalist had been present at Kitty Hawk, he would have done his successors a huge favor by shooting Orville down.

A case in point is property development. The property developer acquires land and an architect then designs the building and obtains planning approval before passing the baton to the construction team.

At this stage, the developer could choose to undertake marketing and sales before construction is complete or wait until the last brick falls into place.

The role banks play in our lives is vital. When we talk about banks, we are not just referring to the familiar branches we occasionally visit to deposit funds or withdraw cash. For investors exploring the telecommunications sector, it is important to be aware of the key economic, operational and regulatory factors influencing these firms. These not only vary from country to country but also from company to company, depending on the kind of service that is being provided — fixed line, mobile or a combination of the two.

Common to all are the opportunities afforded by the growth in data and the proliferation of online services.

For operators in developing markets, lower penetration rates offer long-term opportunities. In general, the sector is marked by intense competition, hefty capital expenditure requirements at least historically and rigorous regulatory intrusion. REITs are vehicles that own and typically operate a portfolio of income-yielding real estate assets. Modelled along the lines of unit trusts, REITs allow for funds to be pooled from a group of investors.

Such a structure provides retail investors with several advantages: a low-hurdle of entry and exposure to a diversified pool of real estate assets with a high level of liquidity, which would not otherwise be possible with direct investing. Privacy Settings Functional cookies , which are necessary for basic site functionality like keeping you logged in, are always enabled. Save Settings.

Oil And Gas Financial Modeling Excel Xls

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This book opens a unique and rare perspective of the Oil and Gas industry that focuses on its history and the creation of the marketplace, how oil and gas are found, and a detailed explanation on the essential operations behind extracting otherwise known as the Upstream Sector of the industry. From there, the book enters;Transportation of moving crude products from the field to the refinery, otherwise known as the Midstream Sector of the industry. The Refining or Downstream Sector of the industry is then thoroughly explained in aspects of the creation of gasoline and other highly demanded products. Only after the complete industry is explained, the book discusses present and likely future trends that every investor should want to know. Search this site.

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How the Oil and Gas Industry Works

Middle Eastern countries possess about 41 per cent of natural gas reserves. The faster and more proactive they are in setting a course for the future, the better. The Middle-East oilfield services market is consolidated. Energize your campaign with our contact listFind your Brunel office in Middle East.

Shell accelerates drive for net-zero emissions with customer-first strategy - check out all Royal Dutch Shell plc Strategy Day materials. This interactive data tool allows users to learn about Sky, its highlights and detailed quantification and to explore signposts and timelines as well as visualise global and regional data. Gerard Kleisterlee, Chair of the Remuneration Committee and Senior Independent Director, held engagements with investors from November to provide an update on remuneration. Royal Dutch Shell publishes its presentation following Q2 results for retail wealth management investors. The global liquefied natural gas LNG market has continued to defy expectations, growing by 29 million tonnes in , according to Shell's latest LNG Outlook.

The Energy Sector comprises companies whose businesses are dominated by either of the following activities: The construction or provision of oil rigs, drilling equipment and other energy related service and equipment, including seismic data collection. Sector weighting recommendations are provided by independent, third-party research firms to help further refine your analysis. Some sectors get "over," "market," or "under" weighted, which means that the research firm recommends that more, the same, or less of the sector should be held in your portfolio than is held in the market. Learn more about the average recommendation holding period and methodology of the research firms:. All dates and times are reported in ET.

Actively scan device characteristics for identification. Use precise geolocation data.

List of oil and gas companies in middle east pdf

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A Framework for Investors

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Sector Analysis

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Investor presentations

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Sector Analysis


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