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Types Of Jig And Fixture Pdf

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Show all documents It is not important neither the design of jig and fixture is simple nor complex but the most important thing is the design follow the specification which is the milling machine needed. Besides, this project shall concern with the basic rules for locating, such as positioning the locators, part tolerance, fool proofing and duplicate location.

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Design of Jigs & Fixtures/Types of Jig and Fixtures

Till now, we know that jigs and fixtures are the devices which help in the machining of jobs and reducing the human efforts required for producing these parts. Specific tools are necessary for producing these objects in identical shapes and sizes on a mass scale, by holding and locating tasks to minimize the repetition work. That is when various types jigs and fixtures come into play. Considering the variety in the nature of jobs to be machined, the quality, and the associated functions, the type of jig and fixture varies as well. Following are the various kinds of jigs and fixtures.

In this post. And also you can download the PDF file of this post. Against this, a capstan and turret lathe can be easily adapted for repetition work on account of the multi-cooling arrangement and use of transverse stop this increases the rate of production. However, every type of object cannot be machined on a capstan or turret lathe and may involve the use of drilling, milling , planning and grinding machines, etc. If such objects are to be produced in identical shapes and sizes on a mass scale, suitable devices have to be used for holding and locating purposes so that the repetition work can be done. These devices are the jigs and fixtures. A jig may be defined as a device which holds and located a workpiece and guides and controls one or more cutting tools.

Jig and fixtures

Types of fixtures. Though fixtures are predominantly used in milling operation it is used in other operations like turning, boring, welding and grinding. Fixtures are also made for inspection and assembly works. Moreover fixtures are used for castings and forgings which are rough and irregular in shape. With the use of locators and proper clamps, handling of those jobs will be made easy in fixtures than any other standard work holding devices.

Are you looking for the notes on Jigs and Fixture s? Yap, you are landed in the right destination. A jig is a work-holding devic e that holds, supports, and locates the workpiece and guides the one or more tools to perform a specific operation. In other words, this can also be defined as, used for holding the tools and also guiding the cutting tools. Both the jigs and the fixtures are used to reduce the nonproductive time of any mass production process.

A jig differs from a fixture in the sense that it guides the tool to its explain the clamping and its different type, explain the jigs and their different types, and.

jig and fixture

Elements of Jigs and Fixtures. Various elements of jigs and fixtures and their details are follows. It may be heat treated to relief the stresses. Body is the most prominent feature of the jig. Its main purpose is to support and house the job.

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Fixtures and jigs are both used to reduce the non-production time of mass production process and are often used as synonyms for each other. Functionally, they are different tools. Fixture vs jig, take a look at the comparison involves the definition, types, applications, the way of working, purposes and more aspects. Jig is a type of custom-made work holding device used to control the location and motion of parts and other tools, in CNC machining process, a jig often locates and holds the workpiece in a proper position and guides the cutting tool to do a specific operation, to maintain correct relationship between the work and cutter. When the jig moves, the tool remains stationary. The machining part usually is secured in the jig by clamping. The most common type of jig is drill jig, which used to guide the drill bit for producing holes at specific locations, Examples of drill jigs are box jig, angle plate jig, sandwich jig, and channel jig.

The basic jig is almost the same for either machining oper- ation. The only difference is in the size of the bushings used. Open jigs are for simple operations where work is done on only one side of the part. Closed, or box, jigs are used for parts that must be machined on more than one side. The names used to identify these jigs refer to how the tool is built. Template jigs are normally used for accuracy rather than speed. This type of jig fits over, on, or into the work and is not usually clamped Figure

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a jig is a type of tool used to control the location and/or motion of another tool. A jig's primary purpose is to provide repeatability, accuracy, and interchangeability in.

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Types of Jigs and Fixtures

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