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Indian Famous Buildings And Their Architects Pdf

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Since India is a vast country, it makes it difficult to decide what to see in India. The country is so rich and diverse and has some excellent specimens of history in the form of monuments. However, India not only has great man-made monuments but also some natural heritage sites dating back to the time of early cavemen.

India has been praised by some of the great people who have lived on Earth. The various religions, languages, dialects, traditions, and customs provide many facets of the majestic country called India. For centuries temples have remained integral to Indian Society.

List of Famous Historical Monuments of India and their Builders

Rich in culture and diversity, India is home to some of the finest historical monuments in the world. Read on for our list of the top must see historical monuments in India below. Enlisted in the Seven Wonders of the World, The Taj Mahal is one of the most beautiful and famous buildings located in the city of Agra. This white marble monument was built by a Mughal Emperor called Shahajahan in memory of his beloved wife. Due to its amazing architecture and the history behind it, this world heritage site has become very popular to visit by all travellers and romantics from all over the world. This is the most famous and sacred Sikh Gurdwara in Punjab, India , adorned with rich history and gold gilded exterior. If you are interested in culture and history, be sure to visit this popular attraction in India.

Know Your State : Important Monuments (State-wise) and their Builders

The architecture of India is rooted in its history , culture and religion. Among a number of architectural styles and traditions, the contrasting Hindu temple architecture and Indo-Islamic architecture are the best known historical styles. Both of these, but especially the former, have a number of regional styles within them. An early example of town planning was the Harappan architecture of the Indus Valley Civilisation. People lived in cities with baked brick houses, streets in a grid layout, elaborate drainage systems, water supply systems, granaries, citadels, and clusters of large non-residential buildings. Much other early Indian architecture was in wood, which has not survived.

earliest and most remarkable evidence of Indian architecture is found in the cities of the Along with large public buildings, there is evidence of small one roomed constructions most famous being the Brihadeshwara temple at Tanjore.

12 famous buildings in India: From ancient wonders to modern marvels

This article is all about famous historical monuments of India, information about most important historical places of India, list of monuments and their builders. Historical Monuments can be classified according to architecture styles, religious entities, period of construction etc. By period we mean the monuments constructed can be differentiated as per their time e. Styles of Architecture also plays a vital role in classification of Historical Places of India. For example the monuments built during Mughal era are classical examples of Turkish-Persian architecture, while the monuments of South India gives the glimpses of Dravidian Architecture.

If you could boil India's architecture down to a single word or phrase, what would it be? Melting pot? It can be all those things and more.

The Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and is considered to be the most popular tourist attraction in the country in addition to being one of the most important historical monuments in India. Tagore described the Taj as an eardrop on the cheek of eternity. The monument attracts a lot of tourists all around the year. The former residence of the royal family of Mysore, the Mysore Palace is an extremely breath-taking example of the Indo-Sarcenic style of architecture. It was built in the year for the 24th Ruler of the Wodeyar Dynasty, and is till date one of the biggest palaces in the country.

Top 10 Famous Monuments to Visit In India

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