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Impact Of Caffeine And Coffee On Our Health Pdf

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Appendix E-2.39a Evidence Portfolio

Americans are jolted with caffeine. But does all that caffeine have any effect on your health — either good or bad? Caffeine is a natural stimulant. Its main effect is on the central nervous system, where it can increase alertness and provide a needed boost when you are tired. Caffeine's effect peaks within an hour after consumption, and the body eliminates half of it within about four to six hours. Yet, how people react to caffeine varies depending on their sensitivity and how quickly it is digested. It's this variation that makes pinpointing caffeine's influence on health a challenge.

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Impact of caffeine and coffee on our health

Je et al examined total mortality and Malerba et al examined total, CVD, and cancer mortality. This evidence is based on three meta-analyses of more than 20 prospective cohort studies Je, ; Malerba, ; Crippa , In general, results were similar for men and women. The risk reduction associated with each cup of coffee per day was between percent. In addition, Je found a significant inverse association between coffee consumption and cardiovascular disease mortality. However, no association was found for cancer mortality.

2 It has been reported that regular coffee consumption lowers the risk of type II diabetes and reduces the risk of impaired glucose tolerance due to.

The buzz about caffeine and health

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world and is also a major source of caffeine for most populations [ 1 ]. With increasing interest in the role of coffee in health, general knowledge of population consumption patterns and within the context of the full diet is important for both research and public health. Reyes and Cornelis [ 1 ] used country-level volume sales proxy for consumption of caffeine-containing beverages CCBs to demonstrate that coffee and tea remain the leading CCBs consumed around the world. In a large coordinated effort spanning 10 European countries, Landais et al.

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The Impact of Caffeine and Coffee on Human Health

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Among healthy adults a moderate daily caffeine intake of mg is not associated with adverse effects [5–8]. By contrast, coffee intake has been associated with bone loss, lower bone density or fractures (heavy coffee consumers), and increased blood pressure.

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Caffeine, coffee and health

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