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List Of International Organizations And Their Functions Pdf

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International Organisation in World Politics

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Front Matter Pages i-xvii. The Rise of the International Organisation. Pages The League of Nations. The Third World UN, — A Period of Crisis: the UN in the s. The European Community, — Origins and Beginnings.

The European Union, — Deepening and Widening? The New Regionalism. Towards Global Governance? The Emergence of Global Civil Society. Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Since the end of the Cold War, international organisations have assumed a greater importance on the world stage. The United Nations has played a key role in all of the major security issues during this period - increasingly called upon to address other global problems such as poverty and international crime - while the European Union has created a single currency and moved towards the adoption of a constitution.

The growing significance of the World Trade Organisation and other economic institutions has led some to talk of the emergence of a structure of global governance; and international non-governmental organisations and social movements are now widely seen as forming a kind of global civil society that both challenges and participates in these developments. Building on the success of the previous edition Versailles to Maastricht: International Organisation in the Twentieth Century , this book is a valuable introduction to the complex history of modern international organisation.

David Armstrong, Lorna Lloyd and John Redmond: - pay close attention to the League of Nations, the UN and the EU - offer chapters on the new regionalism, global governance and international regimes and global civil society - adopt a thematic and analytical approach to the subject - provide a concise factual account of the rise of the international organisation.

List of intergovernmental organizations

Globalization - Approaches to Diversity. The tendency of economic globalization has its roots in the trauma of the the depression before World War II. American political elites Council on Foreign Relations became very careful to ensure that nothing similar will be repeated Korten Globalization can be seen as a means or system of acceptance and adherence to global problems of mankind Dobrotici The following global issues are considered pressing for mankind:. In the vision the United Nations, the globalization of these issues over mankind is based on the uniqueness of the world economy and it is linked to the fact that they occur in almost all countries containing technical, social economical, political and ecological mutual elements that cause propagation in the chain of the effects that need combined efforts to be solved.

An international organization is one that includes members from more than one nation. Some international organizations are very large, such as business corporation s. Others are small and dedicated to a specific purpose, such as conservation of a species. Intergovernmental Organizations Many international organizations are intergovernmental. Intergovernmental organizations form as multiple government s form an international organization.

United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

List of intergovernmental organizations

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It also gives the list of present heads of these national and International organizations. Solve and practice from SBI Clerk question papers. You can download the International organizations and their Headquarters PDF or you can go through the details below.

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International organization

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150+ List Of International Organization, Headquarters & Their Heads Free PDF – Download Now

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United Nations Human Settlements Programme.

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United Nations Industrial Development Organization.

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United Nations Specialized Agencies are autonomous organizations working with the United Nations and each other through the co-ordinating machinery of the United Nations Economic and Social Council at the intergovernmental level, and through the Chief Executives Board for co-ordination CEB at the inter-secretariat level.