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The two armies advance, and as they draw toward each other, Paris the warrior who kidnapped Menelaos' wife, Helen brashly steps forward and dares any of the Achaian warriors to meet him in personal combat. The challenge is eagerly accepted by Menelaos, but Paris is suddenly overcome by terror and hides within the Trojan ranks. Hektor, the Trojan commander, finds his brother Paris and gives him a stern tongue-lashing.

Helen of Troy

Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Euripides, Helen Euripides, Daughters of Troy Helen was abducted by the seducer Paris and held in Troy , and for her sake a large army sailed against that city in order to have her restored to her husband Menelaus , king of Sparta. Cause of war I Helen was famous in the whole world for her beauty; and beauty being a precious thing, many contended in order to possess her.

Therefore, she was also hated by many others on account of the woes her beauty caused. For the Trojan War , some believe, was caused by her, and since many died in that huge conflict, she was surnamed "Lady of Sorrows".

Cause of war II But some consider Paris to be the cause of that war; for it was he, who breaking all laws of hospitality, persuaded her to follow him to Troy. And others blame both:. Euripides, Hecabe Cause of war III Yet, some believe that Paris cannot be held responsible either; for he was guided by the goddess Aphrodite , whom he favored in the judgement of Mount Ida.

Therefore, they think, he who wishes to find the cause of the Trojan War should look up at heaven, and stop blaming mortals. Following this line of thought, some imagine that Zeus sent the three goddesses to Mount Ida in order to be judged by the shepherd Paris , having in mind the destruction of mankind. For the ruler of heaven, they say, purposed to make his daughter Helen famous, along with the race of the demigods, by letting her cause a war between Europe and Asia.

Otherwise, they believe, Eris had not thrown her infamous apple at the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, which caused Hera , Athena and Aphrodite to contend against each other. Was it to win a nobler lord than Zeus? As for Aphrodite , they say, she did not need to follow Paris to Sparta , since she could, had she wished, bring Helen to Troy instead.

And as no mortal can ever know what in reality is inside the minds of the gods, men end blaming either one or another, depending on where each stands. For what they themselves call "scapegoats" must, in any case, be always appointed.

Aphrodite , some say, was in Helen's imagination and nowhere else. It was her mind who became her Aphrodite , when the handsome Trojan seducer came to Sparta clad in gorgeous foreign clothes adorned with gold. And it was then that Helen lost her senses, deeming it better to live in rich Troy than in niggardly Sparta.

Birth of Helen Helen, so unbelievable as it may sound, was born from an egg laid by Leda , or Nemesis. Someone has said that the egg from which Helen sprang fell from the moon; but he has already been refuted by others, who argue that even though the moon-women lay eggs, their offspring are fifteen times larger than ours. Those who say that Nemesis was Helen's mother tell that she, trying to escape Zeus , changed into a fish and other dread creatures.

Others say that Nemesis changed into a goose, but was nevertheless conquered by Zeus , who in turn took the likeness of a swan, and lay with her. As the fruit of their love Nemesis laid an egg that was found by a shepherd, and given to Leda.

And when Helen was hatched in due time, Leda brought her up as her own daughter. First war for the sake of Helen When Helen was ten or perhaps twelve years old, King Theseus of Athens , finding her extremely lovely, carried her off and brought her to Aphidnae, a city in Attica northwest of Marathon.

This abduction caused the first war on account of Helen to break out. It was then that Academus, who had learned in some way or another of her concealment at Aphidnae, told them about it.

For this reason, he was honoured during his life by the DIOSCURI , and later in historical times when the Lacedaemonians invaded Attica and laid waste the country, they spared the Academy, which is called after him. On her return, Helen, wishing to appear still as a virgin, entrusted to her sister Clytaemnestra the girl Iphigenia , whom she bore to Theseus.

The Oath of Tyndareus Years later, time came for Helen to marry. Once more, war for the sake of Helen was feared, and that is why her stepfather King Tyndareus , following Odysseus ' advice, resolved to exact an oath from all the SUITORS OF HELEN , forcing them to promise that they would defend and protect him who was chosen as Helen's husband against any wrong done against him in regard to his marriage.

When this had been agreed, Helen chose Menelaus as husband, and the latter inherited the throne of Sparta. The shepherd Paris was then appointed by Zeus to decide who was the fairest, and he, liking Aphrodite 's bribe most of all, gave the apple to her. Having thus assigned the beauty award, Paris came to Sparta to fetch the prize that Aphrodite had given him in return, which was the hand of Helen.

Soon after his arrival to Sparta , the shepherd Paris , now known as a Trojan prince, succeeded in seducing Queen Helen, who abandoning her daughter Hermione , then nine years old, put most of her and Menelaus ' property on board, and by night set sail with Paris to Troy. They consummated their marriage in Cranae, an island in the Laconian Gulf. The abduction of Helen. Helen never went to Troy Some affirm that Helen herself has denied this, and that she in fact never came to Troy.

Paris was subject to interrogation, and it became evident that he had violated the laws of hospitality, taking the wife of his host, and plundering his house. That is why when she was fetched in Egypt by Menelaus , after a meaningless war for the sake of a phantom at Troy , she told him:. And speaking along the same line, she described how Hermes brought her to Egypt, following Zeus ' orders, while Paris sailed to Troy with a phantom fashioned by Hera.

And they represent the ghost of Achilles revealing to a certain sage that when the Achaeans became convinced that Helen was not at Troy , they nevertheless continued to fight for the city itself, so as not to disgrace themselves by retreat.

Fearing persecution, Helen and Paris spent much time, both in Phoenicia and Cyprus, before coming to Troy. But still others say that Paris and Helen made the trip from Sparta to Troy in three days, having a fair wind and a smooth sea.

The Oath of Tyndareus invoked In any case Menelaus , having learned on his return from the funeral of Catreus in Crete that his precious wife had been ravished, invoked The Oath of Tyndareus , forcing, with the help of his brother Agamemnon , all princes that had sworn it to join the coalition that was to sail to Troy in order to demand, by persuasion or by force, the restoration of Helen and the property that the seducer Paris , breaking all laws of hospitality, had stolen.

Wisdom and beauty The Trojans did not yield to persuasion, and that is why a prolonged siege and war ensued, in which many perished for the sake of Helen. Yet, not even the Elders of Troy felt that they could fully condemn the folly of war. And this is how wisdom paid tribute to beauty:. Indeed, she is the very image of an immortal goddess. But as their years had made them acquainted with restraint and moderation, they also added:.

Homer, Iliad 3. This change of residence seems to have made it easier for Odysseus to capture him and learn about the importance of the Palladium. Where were you ever found fastening the noose about your neck, or whetting the knife, as a noble wife would have done in regret for her former husband?

Likewise when Sinon , who having been left behind by the Achaeans during their pretended retreat in order to light a beacon lamp as a signal to them, started signalling with a shining brand beside the tomb of Achilles , Helen too was awake and signalling herself from her chamber to the Achaean fleet to return; for the WOODEN HORSE was inside the walls, the gates would soon open, and it was time for the Achaeans to make the final assault.

She did it so well that Anticlus would have answered, but Odysseus held fast his mouth; and when he tried to escape the pressure of his hands, Odysseus held him harder and Anticlus lost his breath and died. They say that on this occasion Apollo saved her and took her to heaven, saying:. Euripides, Orestes Life in Sparta Yet it is also told that Odysseus ' son Telemachus , while still looking for his father, visited Helen and Menelaus in Sparta to see if he could get some news about him, and at that time it looked like the king and queen of Sparta led a pleasant life in their city.

Helen also explained on that occasion how she felt when Odysseus came disguised to Troy :. Homer, Odyssey 4. The proper thing to say But, some could think, that was the proper thing to say when she was back home.

And had things been different, she would have said otherwise. Death of Helen Fortune changes things and puts them upside-down. Her immortality Leonymus, who visited the White Isle in the mouth of the river Danube, says that Helen, after death, was wedded to Achilles , and lived there with him.

But others say that Menelaus was made immortal by Hera , and he and Helen live in happiness in the Elysian Fields. Nicostratus is also said to be the son of Menelaus and Pieris, an Aetolian slave. Plisthenes 3 was son of Helen, probably by Menelaus.

It is said that she took him with her to Cyprus. Paris Aganus. Genealogical Charts. Parentage three versions. Sources Abbreviations.

The Judgment of Paris Summary

She was daughter of Zeus , either by Leda or by Nemesis , and sister of the Dioscuri. As a young girl, she was carried off by Theseus , but she was rescued by her brothers. She was also the sister of Clytemnestra , who married Agamemnon. When Paris was slain, Helen married his brother Deiphobus, whom she betrayed to Menelaus once Troy was captured. Menelaus and Helen then returned to Sparta , where they lived happily until their deaths. According to a variant of the story, Helen, in widowhood, was driven out by her stepsons and fled to Rhodes , where she was hanged by the Rhodian queen Polyxo in revenge for the death of her husband, Tlepolemus, in the Trojan War.

Paris);. Neoptolemus batters Priam. Black-figure amphora vase, BC, made in Athens, including those that deal specifically with. Helen or the. Troy story.

Paris (mythology)

Of these appearances, probably the best known was the elopement with Helen , queen of Sparta , this being one of the immediate causes of the Trojan War. Later in the war, he fatally wounds Achilles in the heel with an arrow as foretold by Achilles' mother, Thetis. The name Paris is probably of Luwian origin, and comparable to Pari-zitis , attested as a Hittite scribe's name. Paris was a child of Priam and Hecuba see the List of children of Priam. Just before his birth, his mother dreamed that she gave birth to a flaming torch.

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Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Euripides, Helen Euripides, Daughters of Troy Helen was abducted by the seducer Paris and held in Troy , and for her sake a large army sailed against that city in order to have her restored to her husband Menelaus , king of Sparta. Cause of war I Helen was famous in the whole world for her beauty; and beauty being a precious thing, many contended in order to possess her. Therefore, she was also hated by many others on account of the woes her beauty caused.

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The Judgement of Paris

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. When Eris, goddess of strife, isn't invited to the wedding of Peleus and Thetis, the spiteful goddess tosses a golden apple into the crowd, with the words "to the fairest" written on it.

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The best-known were Homer 's Iliad and Odyssey , which are also the only epics that have survived. The Cypria is the fifth epic of the Epic Cycle ; it is attributed to Stasinus, Homer , or Hegesias, and is pretty well-known because we have a long excerpt and various quotes.

The Trojan army marches from the city gates and advances to meet the Achaeans. Paris, the Trojan prince who precipitated the war by stealing the beautiful Helen from her husband, Menelaus, challenges the Achaeans to single combat with any of their warriors. When Menelaus steps forward, however, Paris loses heart and shrinks back into the Trojan ranks.

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Here is the story of Paris and Helen. Paris was. Priam's son by Queen Hecuba who, just before his birth, dreamed that instead of a child she bore a blazing.

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War with Troy: The Story of Achilles 1. EPISODE 3 Helen, the wife of Menelaus, the king of Sparta. And so it was that Paris found himself alone with Helen.