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The new National Geographic Treasury of Greek Mythology offers timeless stories of Greek myths in a beautiful new volume. Brought to life with lyrical text by award-winning author Donna Jo Napoli and stunning artwork by award-winning illustrator Christina Balit, the tales of gods and goddesses such as Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, and Athena and Brand: National Geographic. Here are fifteen wonderful stories about the Greek gods and goddesses -- Zeus, the most powerful; his wife Hera; and their large, extended family.

The family tree of the ancient Greek gods is depicted here in a large series of charts which include a short summary of the main gods, an illustration of Hesiod's Theogony , and a comprehensive eight-part set sourced from a broad selection of ancient texts. There are two versions of each chart--one with the common English name-spellings and a second with precise transliterations of the ancient Greek names. A short tree containing just the main gods of the pantheon.

Family tree of the Greek gods

Print Send Add Share. Smathers Libraries Language: English. Lesson Content Objectives The students will be able to: 1.

Identify the 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Interpret the symbols of the 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Justify why natural phenomena are explained through Greek mythology. Lesson Language Objectives The students will be able to 1. List the names of the 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Recognize the symbols of the 12 Greek gods and goddesses.

Distinguish the names of the natural phenomena explained by Greek mythology. Incorporatio n of 3D Printing The students will: 1. Rationale of 3D Printing: Through the use of 3D printing student will be given a chance engage in demonstration, creation, and application as a hand s on learning extension.

Demonstration: Students will demonstrate their ability to find a suitable 3D model to print. Creation: Students will download and print out a 3D model, or use Tinkercad software to create a 3D model. Application: Students use technology to engage in a cultural activity related to the Greek Mythology. Zeus: light n ing bolt 2. Hera: peacock 3.

Poseidon: trident 4. Athena: owl 5. Ares: dog 6. Aphrodite: dove 7. Apollo: lyre 8. Artemis: bow and quiver 9. Hephaestus: hammer Hades: Cerberus 3 headed dog Hermes: Caduceus Symbol of commerce and medicine Demeter: wheat During the 3D printing activity component of the lesson, the teacher will explain technological vocabulary words such as : Stl file: A file especially designed for printing 3D models. If yes, which powers? If no, why not? Pick on three students who volunteers to answer the question s.

Students: After being given time to reflect on the questions, raise your hands to respond and share with the class. Teacher: Today, I am going to i ntroduce you to a family with magical powers who lived in ancient G ree ce. Explain the the meaning of ancient a very long time ago. Now, let me show you where Greece is in the world. Teacher uses the globe to show students where Greece is located.

Greece is located in Europe, close to Turkey and surrounded by the Aeg ean sea. Teacher: In this faraway time, the ancient Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses. In fact, they were in every part of their daily life. For example, they were gods for mountains and oceans.

Now, we are going to look at the most well known gods and goddesses in Greek mythology. Teacher: Pass out the family tree handout on the Greek gods and goddesses to the students. After he overthrew his father, be became the ruler of the sky. Zeus was in charge of the we ather, so his symbol was the light n ing bolt.

Stick the 3D magnet of Zeus symbol lightning bolt on the whiteboard. For example, Hera often tried to stop Zeus f rom having children with other women. She was jealous of them. Hera tried paying close attention to Zeus behavior, so her symbol was the peacock.

The feathers on the tail resembled a persons eye. Stick the 3D magnet of He ras symbol peacock on the whiteboard. Teacher: Poseidon was one of Zeus and Heras brothers. Because he helped Zeus defeat his father, Cronus, Zeus let Poseidon become ruler of the sea. The Greeks tried to make Poseidon happy by worshipping him in many temples. Greece was a coastal country, so good weather conditions when sailing on the sea were important to their safety. Poseidon had a magical weapon named the t rident which he used to make earthquakes.

The trident is his symbol. Stick the 3D magnet of Poseidons symbol trident on the whiteboard. Teacher: Athena was one of the most respected goddesses for the Greeks because she was intelligent and courageous. In fact, they named her the citys Athens protector because they favored her gift of the olive tree over Poseidons stream of water.

The olive tree could provide food and shelter. Her symbol is the owl. Stick the 3D magnet of Athenas symb ol owl on the whiteboard. Teacher: The Greeks did not like Ares because he had a bad temper and loved war. He was a cruel person and the other gods did not like him either. Only the Greek city of Sparta which was famous for fighting worshipped Ares.

His symbol was the dog. Stick the 3D magnet of Ares symbol dog on the whiteboard. Teacher: Aphrodite was the most beautiful goddess of al l. She re presented beauty and love.

But Zeus married her to an ugly husband, the god Hephaestus. Her symbol is the dove. Stick the 3D magnet of Aphrodites symbol dove on the whiteboard. Teacher: Apollo had many skills. He represented the sun and healed people from sickness. Apollo was known as a musician too.

He was good at the instrument called the lyre, wh ich has seven strings. The Lyre is his symbol. Show students a picture of a lyre. Stick the 3D magnet of Apollos symbol lyre on the whiteboard. She was known as the goddess of the moon. Artemis loved hunting in the woods and carried a bow and quiver which became her symbol. Stick the 3D magnet of Artemis symbol bow and quiver on the whiteboard.

Teacher: Unlike the other gods, Hephaestus was not goodlooking. But he made all the magical weapons for the gods and goddesses in his forge.

Explain meaning of forge to students and show picture As a master blacksmith, his symbol was the hammer. Stick the 3D magnet of Hepha e stus symbol hammer on the whiteboard. Teacher: Hades ruled the Underworld, the place where the dead went to after they passed away. It was a gloomy place and the entrance to the Underworld was guarded by Cerberus 3 headed dog. Teacher: Hermes knew how to get to the Underworld and the world of the humans.

The Olympian gods named him as their messenger. Hermes carried a magic wand named the Caduceus which became his symbol. Show student s picture of Caduceus. Stick the 3D magnet of Hermes symbol Caduceus on the whiteboard. Teacher: Demeter was Zeus wife and sister and the goddess of the harvest Her daughter, Persephone was kidnapped by Hades to become Queen of the Underworld.

Demeter could not find out where Persephone went. In her fury, she refused to let the crops grow until Zeus bargained with Hades to let Persephone spend six months with her mother, and the rest of the year in the Underworld.

Demeters symbol is a bundle of wheat. Stick the 3D magnet of Demeters symbol wheat on the whiteboard. They used it to explain natural phenomena. For example, lightning came from Zeus.

Greek Mythology Family Tree

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Print Send Add Share. Smathers Libraries Language: English. Lesson Content Objectives The students will be able to: 1. Identify the 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Interpret the symbols of the 12 Greek gods and goddesses. Justify why natural phenomena are explained through Greek mythology.

OLYMPIAN GODS FAMILY TREE. Children of Cronus: Hades. - Poseidon. - Hestia. - Demeter. - Zeus. Child of Zeus and Hera. - Ares. Wife of Zeus: Hera.

Gods of Olympus – Family tree 17

Our teacher is Mrs. Dare and Mrs. We will be covering lots of different things within this. For more information, please see the medium term plan below. Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Thursday.

A Greek god family tree is a great aid when you want to learn about the internal relationships between the Greek gods. In this article I will present you with three family trees of Greek gods featuring each of the three orders of Greek gods: the Primordial deities, the Titans and the Olympians. If you are searching for family trees that show all the Greek gods in one go — meaning both Primordial deities, Titans and Olympians in the same tree, you can find them here.

Are you fans of Greek Mythology and the stories of the Greek gods in your house? My kids LOVE learning about it and we have some fun books that we have read over the years. My son has read so much about Greek Mythology that he pretty much had this family tree memorized. The front page of the book has a Greek god family tree that we referenced for our project.

Greek Mythology - Gods and Goddesses (Advanced)

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Olympian Gods Family Tree ( Family Tree)

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Family Tree Of The Greek Gods And Goddesses - Other Writers

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greek gods and goddesses family tree


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A family tree is a chart that shows the relationship between people or deities in a family over many generations.

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