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Create a QR code with your own logo, colours and shapes. It not only looks better, but also leaves a lasting impression with your customers. How often and where are your QR codes being scanned?

Barcode Writer in Pure Postscript generates all barcode formats entirely within PostScript so that the process of converting the input data into the printed output can be performed by the printer or RIP itself.

Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript

Create a QR code with your own logo, colours and shapes. It not only looks better, but also leaves a lasting impression with your customers. How often and where are your QR codes being scanned? View this information and more via the scan statistics. Labelling, sorting, searching, archiving and deleting — use the extensive administration features to maintain an overview of large amounts of QR codes. Would you like to change the QR Code type or the information it contains?

Dynamic QR codes can be edited at any time — even after printing. Create up to 5 static and 1 dynamic QR codes — incl. It's free and take only 2 minutes to signup. This is a static QR Code. It will not be saved and cannot be edited or analyzed. Would you like to manage , design or track your QR Codes? Register for free without any obligation:. Commercial usage is allowed. QR Code is probably the most well-known two-dimensional barcode. It is often found on products or used in advertising to provide additional information for consumers.

Code is a universal barcode with excellent data density. It is used, for example, in shipping and packaging. Code 39 is widely used in a variety of industries and is part of of many governmental specifications. It encodes a set of alphanumeric symbols. UPC-A Code contains 12 digits and is primarily used in retail and wholesale.

It encodes the producer and the individual article number. Data Matrix is a two-dimensional Code that may contain text, numbers or binary data. It is widely used for labeling small electronic components or in food production, but also on mail labels.

MSI Plessey Code is used for marking inventory or storage shelves. It encodes a string of digits using the binary system of 1's and 0's.

Aztec Code belongs to two-dimensional Barcodes and has a characteristic square pattern in the middle. This Code is widely used by railway companies in their ticketing systems. Code 16K is a two-dimensional code, where up to 16 rows of bars can be stacked over each other. It is used to mark some electronic parts in the USA and France. Maxicode consists of hexagonal modules with a spiral Finder pattern in the middle. It is primarily used by parcel services UPS.

It encodes a longer string of up to 14 digits. Aztec Runes include only a part of the Aztec Code and and can encode only a whole number between 0 and They are used as additional marks rather than as a separate Barcode. Code 11 is used primarily for labeling telecommunications equipment. It encodes any length numeric input and includes one or more check digits.

Standard Code 2 of 5 is an older code sometimes used in industrial applications and photo development. It encodes any length numeric input. Interleaved Code 2 of 5 was developed on the basis of Industrial Code 2 of 5 and only encodes an even number of digits. It is used in warehousing and industrial applications. IATA Code 2 of 5 finds its application in the airline industry for baggage handling.

It was developed on the basis of 2 of 5 technology and encodes the data in both black and white bars. Industrial 2 of 5 is used in transport and warehouse logistics. To ensure its readability, it is better to limit its size to 10 digits. However, it is less used than Code 39 as it requires specific decoding. EAN Codes are widely used in retail across Europe. There are several versions of EAN encoding 2, 5, 7 or 12 digits.

It is used in retail and transport for tracking goods. It encodes a zip code, a street number and a house number. It is assigned individually to each parcel. Code 49 is applied in logistics and is built of rows of barcodes stacked over each other.

Its capacity is limited by 49 chars or 81 digits. Code 93 encodes numerical input, as well as capital letters and some special characters. It used by Canada Post for additional delivery information. Flattermarken barcode is used almost exclusively in printing to recognize the sequence of blocks with pages when binding books. It only encodes numerical information. GS1 Databar or Databar normally encodes 14 digits, including a check-digit.

It is widely used in retail for recording additional information, such as product weight or expiry date. GS1 Databar Limited is smaller in size than Databar and is used for identification of small items. GS1 Databar Expanded is suitable for encoding several pieces of additional information on products in retail.

It needs to be printed in sufficient size in order to be decoded easily. Its ways of use range from transport to ticketing. It is similarly used in retail and warehousing, especially in the USA and Canada. It is printed on envelopes and consists of a series of short bars. It only encodes four letters A-D and is often used together with Postnet Code.

It is regulated by a governmental standard. Pharma One-Track or Pharmacode is placed on the packaging of pharmaceuticals. It can only encode a number between 3 and It allows for the precise identification of drugs when making orders or writing bills. The only difference is that Pharma Two-Track Code uses two stacked rows of bars. PDF Barcode is suitable for storing large amounts of data due to its two-dimensional structure. It is widely used for labeling electronic equipment or hazardous materials, but also on personal IDs.

However, it is less tolerant to damage and is not read by all scanners. Code is a universal Barcode with excellent data density. It encodes 8 digits and indicates that the postage of the reply has already been paid. AP Routing is used by Australia Post. It encodes 8 digits and is applied to automate mail delivery in general. AP Redirection is used by Australia Post. It encodes 8 digits and is placed on mail that is being redirected to a different address.

ISBN is used internationally for identification of books and other printed material. It encodes the country of origin, the publisher and the title of the book. This Barcode includes the zip code and the house number, as well as a check digit and start and stop characters.

It is based on Code system, where the Application Identifier the first two digits is set to For example, it can be placed on cartons, pallets or containers. Japanese Postal Code is used on mail items and can encode capital letters, digits and a dash symbol. Korea Post Barcode encodes a six-digit number and is used for mail sorting in South Korea. All bars have identical heights and the data is encoded horizontally, through spacing between the bars.

Databar Stacked is composed of two rows of barcodes placed vertically. It is used on smaller products and also on stickers for fresh goods. The only difference is that it can be scanned in multiple directions and therefore is often used at Point of Sale.

UK Plessey is the original version of Plessey Code and encodes a variable data string including digits and letters A-F. Telepen Numeric is constructed similarly to Telepen Alpha but only allows the encoding of numeric data. It is also placed on cartons and pallets and signifies the type of products transported. KIX Code is a standard for the automation of mail processing in the Netherlands. It is composed and and used in a way similar to RM4SC.

Micro QR Code has a limited capacity of only 35 digits. However, due to its small size, it is often used instead of QR Codes if there is a need to save space and encode only a small amount of data. It is specifically used for labeling medical equipment.

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NET framework installed Works with:. NET 1. NET improved issue fixed related to the incorrect margins and quiet zones in some barcodes when captions are enabled captions positions now can be set to appear at the right or at the left new suppValue added into ASP. See source code samples added with ready to use MVC helper for barcode generation! QR Code fixes issue with Encoding property. Now works properly with Unicode symbols encoding new.

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At its core, CNS Barcode is an app for scanning and generating barcodes. You can use this app for a variety of barcodes. The power behind CNS Barcode is not just scanning and generating barcodes. CNS Barcode can be launched from other iOS apps on your device to extend those apps with these features. You will find just how powerful CNS Barcode can be in the following sections.

Free PDF Generator: This free online barcode generator creates all 1D and 2D barcodes. Download the generated barcode as bitmap or vector image.

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The size of PDF code is determined by count of informations and count of correction codes. Level of correction codes can be in range from 0 to 8 add to code additional correction codewords from 2 to For more information about PDF codes please visit Wikipedia site. PDF code. Select type of information, for encode as PDF code:.

In the box below, enter the codes without AI 01 , separated by a comma or any code on a new line. If you are enter less than 13 digits, sufficient number digit 0 is added to complete the code 13 digits. You can enter barcodes without checksum digit, generator can calculate itself 14 digit. GTIN number can have 8 , 12 , 13 or 14 digits, depending on their length can be encoded in the following manner:.

Advanced 2D Barcode encoder for any .NET Standard Projects

TBarCode simplifies bar code creation in your application - e. NET, VB.

PDF417 Barcode

Active Barcode. The following comparison chart will help you to choose the right barcode symbology for your project. Many different barcodes types have been developed over the years. Each of these different barcode types has special characteristics. This comparison helps you to decide which barcode type will match your needs best. ActiveBarcode calculates the check digit automatically.

PDF, or Portable Data File , is a two-dimensional 2D stacked barcode symbology capable of encoding over a kilobyte of data per label. Large amounts of text and data can be stored securely and inexpensively when using the PDF symbology. The printed symbol consists of several linear rows of stacked codewords.

2D barcodes (e.g. PDF, MaxiCode, Data Matrix, QR-Code, Aztec Code, ) RSS barcodes EAN14, EAN (GTIN encoded using EAN symbology).

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PDF 2D barcode for encoding mass text or data in only one code. The EAN 14 code is used for traded goods. Also have a look at EAN and ITF