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A laptop or laptop computer is a small, portable personal computer PC with a " clamshell " form factor, typically having a thin LCD or LED computer screen mounted on the inside of the upper lid of the clamshell and an alphanumeric keyboard on the inside of the lower lid. The clamshell is opened up to use the computer. Laptops are folded shut for transportation, and thus are suitable for mobile use.

Parts of the Computer & Their Uses

Laptops are portable computers that contain many components. A basic understanding of the names for these components can be helpful when communicating with the Technology Help Desk regarding your computing needs.

LCD Screen : Standard screen that is the display for your laptop. They come in various sizes, with Touch Pad Mouse : The square pad below the keyboard on your laptop. The touch of your finger on this pad moves the mouse on the computer.

The two smaller rectangles below the square pad are the left and right click buttons. The touch of your finger on this button moves the mouse. Activity lights : These lights tell you information about your laptop such as hard drive activity, AC power, and if your Power button : The circular button located above the keyboard on the far right that contains a picture of a circle with a vertical bar.

This button starts up and shuts down your laptop by pressing it. If you are unable to shut down your laptop properly, you can press and hold this key for 10 seconds and your laptop will shut down. PCI card ports : These ports are located on the side of your laptop, near the front. Secure lock port : This port is located on the side of your laptop, near the hinge. This is a port you can use to lock your laptop to a table or desk to prevent theft. Network port : This is located on the back of your laptop on the far left.

You plug your network cable into this port when not using wireless. VGA port : This is located on the back of your laptop in the middle and is always blue. It is used to connect to projectors and other screens. It allows you to use AC power instead of battery power. It is where your computer vents out the hot air produced by the CPU.

Click on Manage Network Connections on the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Right click on the Wireless Network Connection icon and select Enable. Most laptop computers are preset for when you close the laptop your computer goes into sleep mode. If it does not come preset with these settings or you want to turn this feature off the following steps will change those power options. You can choose when in time you want your computer to turn off the screen and go to Sleep Standby.

Click Save Changes. Press the Fn key and, while holding it down, press the projection button. The two keys are shown below. Note: Using older projection units may require the screen resolution to be set lower. Sometimes the information will still display, but it could be made clearer by changing the resolution.

In some cases, Windows Vista will come up with a warning asking you if it can switch the resolution to fix this problem. Saving confidential data on a laptop is not recommended by ITS. The data that is saved on the laptop would be compromised if the laptop were stolen or lost. We recommend that you save your files on the Luther College network by mapping to your H drive or by using a network place.

How you handle and transport your laptop is an important factor in how long it continues to work for you. Follow these simple rules to get the most out of your laptop computer.

Be gentle opening and closing the screen. Carelessness is the number one reason screens break. Docking Station — Is an option with certain laptops. It allows you to more quickly attach and detach your computer from your workspace because the attachments plug into the docking station rather than directly to the laptop. This page describes the basic functions and parts of a Laptop PC. Understand the Basic Parts of a Laptop Laptops are portable computers that contain many components.

Laptop Basics - 1 1. Keyboard : Standard keyboard for typing information. Built-in Mouse : There are two versions of this standard.

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A computer is a complex machine. While most of it works on a microscopic level, it certainly has recognizable macroscopic components that contribute to its uses. A computer can be used to do just about anything from simple calculations to preparing reports to sending rockets into space to simulating the spread of cancer in body organs. And yet, for all that complexity, the building blocks of the average computer are easy enough for anyone to understand. They are what make a computer run so well as if there were a conductor and an orchestra in there churning out a masterful performance. Here is a computer components list that explains each component in detail:. The motherboard is lovingly named, because it is either the origin point of other parts of the computer or where every other component connects to.

Laptops are portable computers that contain many components. A basic understanding of the names for these components can be helpful when communicating with the Technology Help Desk regarding your computing needs. LCD Screen : Standard screen that is the display for your laptop. They come in various sizes, with Touch Pad Mouse : The square pad below the keyboard on your laptop. The touch of your finger on this pad moves the mouse on the computer.

A computer is any machine that can be programmed to carry out a set of algorithms and arithmetic instructions. In terms of construction, each of these main components are attached to the motherboard and then put into a protective case—resembling the clean, polished look most of us are accustomed to seeing. Sure, most computers have their own distinct design - and different brands of hardware installed - but the components listed above are standard across all computers. This is by no means intended to be an invitation to disassemble your computer, nor is it a set of instructions to do so. Without the proper knowledge, you can severely damage your computer, and importantly, doing so is unsafe. What it is : All components of a computer communicate through a circuit board called the motherboard, as was mentioned above.

different components and devices on accommodates the integrated I/O ports on the ATX motherboard. The ATX An important set of components on the.

The 5 different parts of a computer—taking a look under the hood

A desktop computer is a personal computer designed for regular use at a single location on or near a desk or table due to its size and power requirements. The most common configuration has a case that houses the power supply , motherboard a printed circuit board with a microprocessor as the central processing unit , memory , bus , and other electronic components, disk storage usually one or more hard disk drives , solid state drives , optical disc drives , and in early models a floppy disk drive ; a keyboard and mouse for input ; and a computer monitor , speakers , and, often, a printer for output. The case may be oriented horizontally or vertically and placed either underneath, beside, or on top of a desk. Prior to the widespread use of microprocessors, a computer that could fit on a desk was considered remarkably small; the type of computers most commonly used were minicomputers , which were themselves desk-sized.

Patrick, a computer technician, is a dedicated writer who wishes to make the world better by informing individuals who seek more knowledge. The main printed circuit board in a computer is known as the motherboard. Other names for this central computer unit are system board, mainboard, or printed wired board PWB. The motherboard is sometimes shortened to Mobo. Numerous major components, crucial for the functioning of the computer, are attached to the motherboard.

Ein grundlegender Leitfaden zur Identifizierung der Hauptkomponenten eines Laptops.

A computer is the most evolving machine in the 21st century. But those who are trying to know about the motherboard computer after opening its circuits. There is a green board that is connected to every component of the computer.

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the different components of a computer: CPU, screen, keyboard, printer, and personal/desktop computers, laptops can be used as standalone computers or as to send files to printing houses documents – although there is a variety​.

The 5 different parts of a computer—taking a look under the hood

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What are the different parts of a Motherboard computer – Computer Motherboard pdf Circuit Diagram