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Applications of adaptive control systems

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Concepts, methods and techniques in adaptive control

Adaptive control is the control method used by a controller which must adapt to a controlled system with parameters which vary, or are initially uncertain. For example, as an aircraft flies, its mass will slowly decrease as a result of fuel consumption; a control law is needed that adapts itself to such changing conditions. Adaptive control is different from robust control in that it does not need a priori information about the bounds on these uncertain or time-varying parameters; robust control guarantees that if the changes are within given bounds the control law need not be changed, while adaptive control is concerned with control law changing itself. The foundation of adaptive control is parameter estimation , which is a branch of system identification. Common methods of estimation include recursive least squares and gradient descent. Both of these methods provide update laws which are used to modify estimates in real time i.

Adaptive control

Methods and Applications in Adaptive Control pp Cite as. This paper reviews the application of adaptive control in three areas: aircraft control systems, process control and electrical drives. In the aeronautical field, where pioneering work on adaptive control was carried out, relatively few applications have been achieved on account of competition of rival techniques such as air data scheduling and also due to deficiencies in basic adaptive control theory. From the field of applications in the cement industry, the steel and metallurgical industry, the chemical industry, the paper industry, power plants, and some miscellaneous areas of process industry, the most interesting developments in adaptive control during the last five years are discussed, although only relatively few applications have been reported.

Adaptive control is no longer just an important theoretical field of study, but is also providing solutions to real-world problems. Adaptive techniques will transform the world of control. The leading world practitioners of adaptive control have contributed to this handbook which is the most important work yet in this field. Not only are techniques described in theory, but detailed control algorithms are given, making this a practical cookbook of adaptive control for both control professionals and practising engineers.

Qi, G. Tao and B. Deb, J.


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Adaptive control has been a remarkable field for industrial and academic research since s.