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A New Approach To Linear Filtering And Prediction Problems Pdf

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Kalman, R.

Anderson and J. DOI : Baras and A.

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A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems

As the use of approximations is often the only way to deal with the optimization of complex structures, this paper discusses the use of Kalman filtering as a new approach for building global approximations. Basic ideas and procedures of Kalman filters are first recalled. Next, key elements of how to implement the method for design problems are described. Finally, in order to evaluate the performance of the approach, an inverse problem which consists in optimizing a warhead with respect to constraints on the resulting projectile is studied. It is shown that global approximations are convenient for the solution of complex optimization problems and that Kalman filtering techniques appear to be an interesting strategy for the construction of global approximations in structural optimization.

New results are: 1 The formulation and methods of solution of the problem apply without modification to stationary and nonstationary statistics and to growing-memory and infinitememoryfilters. From the solution of this equation the coefficientsof the difference or differential equation of the optimal linear filter are obtainedwithout further calculations. The new method developed here is applied to two well-known problems, confirming and extending earlier results. The discussion is largely self-contained and proceeds from first principles; basicconcepts of the theory of r and om processes are reviewed in the Appendix. Such problems are: i Prediction of r and om signals; ii separationof r and om signals from r and om noise; iii detection ofsignals of known form pulses, sinusoids in the presence ofr and om noise.

A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems

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Kalman, R. March 1, Basic Eng. March ; 82 1 : 35— New results are: 1 The formulation and methods of solution of the problem apply without modification to stationary and nonstationary statistics and to growing-memory and infinite-memory filters. From the solution of this equation the co-efficients of the difference or differential equation of the optimal linear filter are obtained without further calculations.

Extended Kalman filter

In estimation theory , the extended Kalman filter EKF is the nonlinear version of the Kalman filter which linearizes about an estimate of the current mean and covariance. In the case of well defined transition models, the EKF has been considered [1] the de facto standard in the theory of nonlinear state estimation, navigation systems and GPS. The papers establishing the mathematical foundations of Kalman type filters were published between and Unfortunately, in engineering, most systems are nonlinear , so attempts were made to apply this filtering method to nonlinear systems; Most of this work was done at NASA Ames. If the system model as described below is not well known or is inaccurate, then Monte Carlo methods , especially particle filters , are employed for estimation.

A New Approach to Linear Filtering and Prediction Problems1

In statistics and control theory , Kalman filtering , also known as linear quadratic estimation LQE , is an algorithm that uses a series of measurements observed over time, containing statistical noise and other inaccuracies, and produces estimates of unknown variables that tend to be more accurate than those based on a single measurement alone, by estimating a joint probability distribution over the variables for each timeframe. The filter is named after Rudolf E. The Kalman filter has numerous applications in technology. A common application is for guidance, navigation, and control of vehicles, particularly aircraft, spacecraft and dynamically positioned ships. Kalman filters also are one of the main topics in the field of robotic motion planning and control and can be used in trajectory optimization. Due to the time delay between issuing motor commands and receiving sensory feedback , use of the Kalman filter supports a realistic model for making estimates of the current state of the motor system and issuing updated commands.

The Kalman filter provides the optimal minimum variance solution of the linear-Gaussian sequential data assimilation problem Kalman Several studies have demonstrated, however, that the linearization of the system may produce instabilities, even divergence, when applied to strongly nonlinear systems Gauthier et al. For the latter case, an optimal solution can be obtained from the optimal nonlinear filter, which involves the estimation of the conditional probability density function PDF , not necessarily Gaussian, of the system state given all available measurements up to the estimation time Doucet et al. In this filter, the particles evolve in time with the numerical model and their assigned weights are updated each time new measurements are available. The filter solution is then the weighted average of the particle ensemble.

Having guessed the. “state” of the estimation (i.e., filtering or prediction) problem correctly, one is led to a nonlinear difference (or differential) equation for the.

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Kalman Filtering: Whence, What and Whither?

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