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Agencies must complete two of the worksheets, 6.

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Agencies must complete two of the worksheets, 6. Contact Information, and 7. Once agencies have completed and reviewed their inventories, they must send the completed spreadsheet to OMB in accordance with OMB Memorandum M This worksheet is provided for your information, cannot be updated by you, and contains a complete list of activity function codes and titles. This worksheet is provided for your information, is based on information provided by the US Postal Service, can and should be updated by you if necessary, and contains a list of city names.

You may add new city name to the list, provided it has a valid USPS zipcode. If a city is not listed, such as a foreign city name, a warning message will display when you enter a city name on tab 7. However, you can enter the city name as appropriate. If you cannot see all the city names in the drop-down, it may be due to the lmitation of 32, maximum number of entries in a drop-down list.

See tab 4 for a complete list of city names. These values are used in drop-down lists for tab 7. This worksheet is provided for you to enter the agency URL where inventory will be posted, contact information to be published on the Federal Register Notice, and technical contact information for for each bureau. You must provide at least one contact for each bureau. You should also provide additional contacts in the event that the primary contact cannot be reached.

Prefix and Suffix are optional. Agencies must NOT alter the format of this worksheet. For example, you may NOT add new columns or change the order of columns. For convenient, you may remove the drop-down lists, but please note that the values you enter must agree with the content of these drop-down lists. Contacts containing invalid values will be returned to the agency for correction.

Agencies must provide a unique sequence number for each row in the worksheet. For your convenience, numbers have been entered for the first rows. If you provide fewer than rows, please delete the sequence number for blank rows. If you provide more than rows, please make sure that each new row has a unique sequence number. The purpose of the sequence number is to help departments, large agencies and OMB discuss specific entries in the inventory.

For example, we believe it will be easier to ask a question regarding an entry by referring to a single, unique sequence number rather than by specifying the values in 10 columns. For convenient, you may remove the drop-down lists,. Inventories containing invalid values will be returned to the agency for correction. Agencies must compare these totals to the comparable control total in the 2. Differences of more than 5 percent must be explained to OMB in a written justification submitted with the inventory.

Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education 18 18 0 Office of Postsecondary Education 5 5 0 Office of Federal Student Aid 0 Institute of Education Sciences 16 16 0 Departmental Management 0. A Test and Evaluation Operations. A Management and Support to Test and Evaluation. A Other Test and Evaluation Activities. B Civilian Personnel Operations.

B Management Headquarters-Military Personnel. B Military Recruiting and Examining Operations. B Military Personnel Operations. B Other Personnel Activities. C Other Financial Management Activities. E Environmental and Natural Resource Services. E Occupational Health Services. E Explosives Safety. E Response to Hazardous Material Mishaps. F Systems Acquisition-Program Management. F Other Systems Acquisition Activities.

F Contract Administration and Operations. F Other Procurement and Contracting Activities. F All Other Engineering Support. G Family Center Services. G Child-Care and Youth Programs. G Homeowners' Assistance Program. G Employee Relocation Assistance Program. G Postal Services. G Military Bands. G Chaplain Activities and Support Services. H Medical Care.

H Medical Transportation Services. I Industrial Security Assessments. I Other Audit and Investigative Activities. J Support Equipment. J Armament and Ordnance. J Munitions. J Portable Troop Support Equipment. K Armament and Ordnance. K Munitions. K Portable Troop Support Equipment. M Management Headquarters-Intelligence. M Intelligence Policy and Coordination.

M Classification Management. M Counterintelligence. M Imagery Acquisition. M Geospatial Information Production. M Geospatial Information Acquisition and Processing. M Language Exploitation. M Multidisciplinary Collection and Processing. M Intelligence Communications and Filtering. M All Source Analysis. M Intelligence Requirements Management and Tasking. M Other Intelligence Activities. M Expeditionary Force Operations. M Homeland Defense Operations.

P Other logistics Activities. P Management Headquarters-Maintenance. Q Management Headquarters-Civil Works.

Q Water Regulatory Oversight and Management. Q Natural Resources Oversight and Management. Q Bank Stabilization. Q Maintenance of Open Waterways for Navigation. Q Maintenance of Jetties and Breakwaters. Q Operation and Maintenance of Locks and Bridges. Q Operation and Maintenance of Dams. Q Operation and Maintenance of Hydropower Facilities. Q Operation and Maintenance of the Washington Aqueduct.

Q Operation and Maintenance of Recreation Areas. Q Other Civil Works Activities. R Science and Technology. S Installation, Base, or Facility Management. S Building Management. S Housing Management.

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There are over , in these queues that frequently involve many years of waiting across the country. Families struggle to do the best they can to earn a living while also caring for their children who often require extensive help with the activities of daily living that most people take for granted. The challenges facing people on waitlists and their families are significant, and in many cases can be debilitating. Do you know that Medicaid home and community-based services are not portable? That means that people with developmental disabilities who are fortunate enough to receive services cannot move to another state due to a military transfer, or take a promotion in the private sector, or help care for an aging family member, without starting over at the bottom of the waitlist in the new state.

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