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First, an agreement on the new Multiannual Financial Framework: a timely agreement on the entire financial framework for the next seven years is our priority.

So it must continue to finance cohesion and agricultural policies, but also be able to address the many new challenges the European Union is facing. It must ensure our togetherness and unity, while respecting all of our differences — economic, social and demographic.

It must also make Europe more effective and visible on the global stage. To achieve this, we must act fast. We cannot allow delays in the implementation of our EU programmes, as of Otherwise, we would be disappointing our citizens.

Together with the President of the European Council, who is continuing the MFF talks at the highest political level, we will spare no effort to achieve a breakthrough during our presidency. We hear and understand all your concerns, messages and expectations, but we find it of crucial importance to continue the talks and negotiations at all levels and to advance all the files. In this we are united by a common goal, as our failure would only strengthen those who do not want a strong Europe.

And we cannot allow that. Second, the end of the process of orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union: after ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement by the United Kingdom, we have to finalise the ratification procedure on the EU side.

In this, the crucial step is the consent of the European Parliament. The Croatian Presidency will, in accordance with the declaration on the future relationship and the guidelines of the European Council, work on the swift adoption of a comprehensive Council mandate for negotiations, on the basis of the proposals by the European Commission. So this should be a new starting point for building close partner relations in the future, based on mutual interest, respect and a level playing field, especially in the areas of trade, security and other sectorial policies.

However, the transition period of 11 months is extremely short, and it will take a lot of goodwill and a lot of work to bring these negotiations to an end in that period and to reach a good agreement for both sides. Europa koja se razvija. Zajedno trebamo raditi na dosezanju klimatske neutralnosti Europske unije do Europa koja povezuje. Third is a Europe that protects. Only a safe Europe can provide a peaceful environment for its citizens.

Achieving a comprehensive solution for sustainable and effective migration and asylum policies is our joint objective. We will remain focused on further developing our Union as an area of freedom, security and justice, based on the shared values of democracy and the rule of law. Therefore, the adoption of the new strategic guidelines in the area of freedom, security and justice will be one of our priorities.

We will pursue a comprehensive approach to the protection and promotion of the rule of law, while strengthening dialogue and the unity of the Member States. Fourth is an influential Europe. No single Member State of the Union is able to address the international challenges on its own.

Our unity is our biggest strength. It is crucial to maintain an open dialogue with our North American partners and allies. Our ambition as a global actor should be supported by further development of capabilities and instruments for joint action, including our defence, albeit in complementarity with NATO. In a wide range of policy areas, from climate change and trade to nuclear proliferation, our Union has a unique ability to achieve necessary compromises and resolve crises.

Tensions in the Middle East, the highly complex political and security situation in Iran and Iraq, old and new challenges in the Gulf region: all this requires our constant, active and creative engagement, and strong leadership. During the Croatian Presidency, an Eastern Partnership summit will be held as well.

The European Union is facing, as we all know, many challenges. Every day the world is getting more complex and our tasks are more numerous. Too many actors offer easy answers and instant solutions, often unfounded or based on false information. The expectations of our citizens are growing. We must get closer to our citizens. We must listen and provide appropriate answers to their concerns. We cannot miss any opportunity to do more for the sake of our citizens.

Therefore, as our programme says, we need a strong Europe in a world of challenges. Ursula von der Leyen, President of the Commission. We spent a wonderful 24 hours there. We saw some of the very rich culture, traditional folklore, diversity, all that which Croatia has brought to the Union.

It was a phenomenal ceremony at the opening of the Presidency in the National Theatre, which showed the energy and the enthusiasm Croatia brings to the Union, so thank you very much for that. Chapeau and respect for that. In some ways, your story mirrors the remarkable journey your country has taken. As you have just said, in the space of only three decades, Croatia has gone from bitter bloodshed to being here today at the beating heart of our Union. But no one could have imagined then how far and how fast this country has grown.

That is down to the will of your people, to the sacrifice they made, to their commitment to European values, and to their determination to join our union of peace, progress and prosperity.

Over the next six months, we will need all that determination, that unity and energy that Croatians are famous for. We will need that determination to find common solutions to issues that have divided us in the past like, for example, migration, which will be one of the tasks we will be tackling. We will need that unity to handle Brexit and budget negotiations and deal with the pressing international issues you just mentioned, and we will need that energy to ensure that Europe can shape the digital and climate transitions.

This is the task ahead of us and I am delighted that the Croatian Presidency reflects this fully in the four pillars the Prime Minister just mentioned. Here is the strength of the European Union — because the European Union has an enormous amount of diplomatic strength. It is able to focus on de-escalation dialogue because we have good relations with many, many actors in that region and partners in the region.

We have relations that are time tested, relations that are reliable, that are trusted. In this spirit, we will present our comprehensive strategy with Africa during your Presidency. The next six months will be crucial for our relationship with the Balkans. You mentioned it, Andrej. Croatia knows better than most the power of European perspective.

Croatia knows the good Europe can do by engaging and investing in the region. It is now particularly important that we keep up this momentum before the Zagreb Summit on the Western Balkans later this year. If we want the Western Balkans Summit in Zagreb to be a success, we have to do our homework now. We need a balanced budget, yes, we need a fair budget, yes, but most of all we need a modern budget. If we want to deliver on these topics, we need a decent budget for modernisation.

Thank you for fighting for that. This is crucial for us. Meine Damen und Herren Abgeordnete! So, that is a great symbol for what the Croatian Presidency means for the European Union and also for us as Members of the European Parliament.

The Croatian Presidency is a great start for this decade because Croatia is the youngest member of the European Union. And first of all, the Croatian people showed that being a member is in the interest of the country. So that is what you showed them the last years as a member of the European Union. So Croatia is in a way a good mirror for the European culture.

And probably what the prime minister underlined in his speech: the most important thing for today is that Croatia is today an independent nation, not anymore part of any kind of Empire.

Today Croatia is an independent nation, part of a family, respected as an equal partner on the European level. This strong European vision is also reflected in your programme.

The Croatian programme pinpoints all the critical challenges: climate change, transport, connectivity, enlargement, global relevance, digital revolution and the safety of our citizens. The key to face these challenges is in front of us, and that means unity. And I want to describe a little bit what we mean with unity. Unity for us means no first and second—class citizens in the European Union. Unity means to give a European perspective to the Western Balkans, several times already mentioned.

We are aware that the decision of the European Council was a short—sighted decision to not opening the accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia.

We experienced in the last two weeks, the developments in the Middle East and we were close to a real military escalation in the last days. And — yes — the weapons were extremely loud in these days, but we can show together we speak louder than any weapon if we activate the strength of the whole European Union. And for us the first two weeks of this decade are a kind of a wakeup call that we have to strengthen now systematically the capacity of the European Union.

To go further with a military pillar for the European Union and we have to put an end to unanimity in the decision—making process in the field of foreign affairs.

We have to come to a majority making decisions; we have to bring the European voice to the global level. Unity means for us also on Brexit: our club, our rules. Andrej, you referred to the Eurosceptic parties in all our Member States. If this is not clear then we will face a lot of problems to convince our citizens that it is better to stay inside of the European Union. That is a challenging development ahead of us, but we have to be clear. And finally on the MFF, the budget must deliver.

If we establish a strong border protection then Europeans as a whole will be safer. And if we invest in research and innovation, then it will be better for all Europeans. These are the challenges for the Croatian Presidency ahead of us. But it is time now that the youngest member will show the lead, that not only the old — and probably big — countries will show leadership. Now the youngest country can give us the proof that there is a future.

Somos conscientes de que atravesamos un periodo convulso y lleno de retos.

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First, an agreement on the new Multiannual Financial Framework: a timely agreement on the entire financial framework for the next seven years is our priority. So it must continue to finance cohesion and agricultural policies, but also be able to address the many new challenges the European Union is facing. It must ensure our togetherness and unity, while respecting all of our differences — economic, social and demographic. It must also make Europe more effective and visible on the global stage. To achieve this, we must act fast.

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Let me introduce Sandra, a business owner who, like many wears many hats and deals with HR within her organisation. As with most people, the conversations were playing on her mind, and Sandra always worried whether she had said the right thing, or had put the proper processes in place. Since the MHFA course, Sandra is now having more structured conversations; her language is more professional as she uses correct terminology.

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PDF | The Pan American Games are a continental version of the Olympic Games, which includes Risk Management Issues in Large-Scale Sporting Events: from the US, Christan Wacker from Germany, Thierry Terret from France, Kostas project, and then to the failure; with his death he left his fortune to the Olympic.

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