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Die Liste kann als. UpdateStar is compatible with Windows platforms. UpdateStar has been tested to meet all of the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 10, 8.

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This certifies that Ohaus Corporation, USA, has a quality system that conforms with the international standards for. Repeat audits are carried out by BVQI at intervals to check that the quality system is operated in. Esto acredita que Ohaus Corporation, USA, dispone de un sistema de calidad que cumple las normas internacionales para. Certified scales,scales used for legal applications have the general type designation E The year of. Such scales are verified in the factory and carry the "M" mark on the actual scale and the.

The year of the initial verification is shown next to the CE mark. If the letter M is shown against a solid background, the scale may. Should the background be partitioned and hatched, the scale must be verified at its place of use by the.

If national regulations limit the duration of the validity of the verification certificate in individual countries, the end user. Solche Waagen sind ab Werk geeicht und tragen die Kennzeichnung "M".

Ist der Grund geteilt und schraffiert, muss die Waage am Verwendungsort durch den zertifizierten Ohaus Service ortsgeeicht werden. Le bilance approvate hanno la denominazione del modello E I tipi marcati con un contrassegno "M" su sfondo verde pieno possono essere impiegati.

Queste bilance sono state verificate in fabbrica e. Please read through this section carefully, as it contains important information for safe and economical operation of your. Thank you for deciding to purchase a Explorer Pro Balance from Ohaus. Thanks to a new modular design, your Explorer Pro. Balance lets you adapt the balance to your changing needs. Remote displays, upgraded displays which can be table, wall or. It offers a high level of operating convenience and useful functions to make.

Fluorescent CCFL type. Pop up displays makes operation of the balance extremely simple. The Enter button on the front panel when pressed permits any highlighted.

A Go Back button permits going back up to three levels in any menu. A Help button provides. Panel controls are clearly marked as to their function with large Tare buttons on either side of the front. Behind your instrument stands OHAUS, a leading manufacturer of scales, balances and analytical measuring instruments. Aftermarket Department is staffed with trained instrument technicians and is dedicated to provide you, the customer, with the.

To ensure you make full use of the possibilities offered by your Explorer Pro Balance, we advise you to read through these. Open the package and remove the instrument and the accessories.

Check the completeness of the delivery. The following. Immediately inform your Ohaus dealer if you have complaints or parts are. This packaging guarantees the best possible protection for the transport of your instrument.

The balance should always be used in an environment which is free from excessive air currents, corrosives, vibration, and. Exact horizontal positioning and stable installation are prerequisites for repeatable results. To compensate small irregularites or. The Explorer Pro Balance has one main menu from which all selections are made. Shown below is the normal weighing. The menus shown below are selected from the main menu screen by using the arrow buttons and pressing ENTER. The screens. By using the arrow buttons, further selections can be made in each.

The Explorer Pro Balance is ready to operate after the the installation procedures are performed. When the balance is first turned on and it. The balance is preset at the. It is recommended that you read this manual carefully and set the balance to operate for your specific applications using the procedures in. Before initially using the balance, allow time for it to adjust to its new environment.

The balance only requires to be plugged in to warm up. Recommended warm up period is twenty 20 minutes. The internal circuits of the balance are powered when ever it is plugged into a power. Span calibration ensures that the balance reads correctly within specifications using two weight.

Three weight values are used: zero, a weight value at midpoint of the balances. User calibration is a method where the balance can be calibrated using a mass of known value by. Calibration test allows the stored calibration data to be tested against the current mass being.

Auto calibration can be performed at any time providing the balance has warmed up to operating temperature.

Span calibration normally requires that calibration be made using a mass equal to the full capacity of the balance, however, the.

Explorer Pro Balance can be calibrated using other lesser values as specified on the display. Linearity calibration utilizes three calibration points, one at zero, center span and full span.

This method minimizes deviation. Three weight values are used; zero, a weight value. User calibration is used when it is desired to calibrate the balance using a mass of known value. To use this calibration feature,. Calibration test feature allows a check of a known calibration mass against the last stored calibration information in the balance. Before using the balance for the first time, the desired measuring unit should be set first. The following measuring units are.

This feature can be used to create your. It permits entering a conversion factor which the balance will use to convert grams to the desired unit. Explorer Pro Balances are shipped with grams enabled. Trade units of measure, the desired unit must be enabled. For weigh below applications, refer to section on Density measurements.

Easy Count setting enables a simplified method for counting parts. When selected, Easy Count displays a screen which requires. After this entry, putting a quantity of samples on the pan, the balance will display the. Since the balance determines the quantity based on the average weight of a single part, all parts. Advanced Count setting contains a number of entry screens which include assigning a library name, filling and sorting applications. When set ON, optimizes the accuracy based on sample size.

When material. This type of. Filling or Fill weighing permits you to enter a target weight, then view other loads as a percentage of the reference which has. The load you place on the platform is displayed as a percentage of what was entered into. Animal weighing permits you to weigh small animals directly on the balance. To compensate for active subjects, a setup menu.

The large numeric display indicates. Check weighing mode permits you to weigh an item, set balance parmeters such as the nominal weight, over weight, under. This can then be recalled later eliminating the need to enter weighing parameters again. Since many displays are repetitive, not. Differential weighing stores tare and weight values so a sample can be dried and the difference calculated at a later time.

Up to. Samples can be added to the applications library. Batch and. The features in the Explorer Pro Balance for differential weighing include:.

The Explorer Pro Balance can store between minimum and formulations limited only by the memory capacity of the. Each formulation can be named and have up to 10 components specified and identified by name. Once the. Each component of a given formulation.

The balance will display each element of a formulation on a dual bar graph. Formulations can be done by using percentages instead of weight values. See page 21 and repeat procedure up to where screen.

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Datalogic Scanning, Inc. An Unpublished Work - All rights reserved. No part of the contents of this documentation or the procedures described therein may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission of Datalogic Scanning, Inc. Owners of Datalogic products are hereby granted a non-exclu- sive, revocable license to reproduce and transmit this documentation for the purchaser's own internal business purposes. Pur- chaser shall not remove or alter any proprietary notices, including copyright notices, contained in this documentation and shall ensure that all notices appear on any reproductions of the documentation.

Magellan. TM. / Product Reference Guide. Datalogic Scanning, Inc. Should future revisions of this manual be published, you can acquire printed versions by contacting your Datalogic Consider the following factors before installing the scanner or scanner/ Short Shelf Model / Scanner Reference.

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In this example, 7-bit image data with the file. In this example, 8-bit image data with the. Set format attribute Code An Settin. Setting number of cuts 2-digit Co.

We aim to be the supplier of choice to our clients by providing customer service in excess of what is expected. Does your scanner struggle to read poor quality bar codes? Honeywell recognizes that poor quality bar codes are prevalent in realworld scanning environments.

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